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(WARNING: The following contains big, bigger than big, HUGE, wildfire-esque plot SPOILERS for 'Game of Thrones' Season 6, Episode 10 a.k.a the FINALE.]

As we're all left throwing ice upon ourselves and vowing never to eat pie again after the red hot, burning, baked-death-filled episode that was the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, two of the show's executive producers and writers — D.B. Weiss and David Benioff — have put their heads together to help us make heads and tails of the pieces left upon the board.

Linking back to previous happenings, to duo bounce off the main events within the last episode and contemplate what this could mean for the future of Game of Thrones.

Such as:

1. 'All Cersei has left is power, and she has a lot of it.'

Discussion Recap: While most of us were too occupied with fist-pumping the sky, celebrating how good the return of Queen bitch Cersei Lannister and the demise of her insufferable enemies felt, in the triumphant wildfire explosion that has been seeded since the beginning of Season 6, we've barely taken a breath to consider the next steps for Cersei Lannister now that fire truly starts to burn.

As the Sept of Baelor crumbles and the body of Tommen tumbles along with it, how much further can, and will, Cersei go to continue her pursuit of power now the only humanizing factors in her life — whom she failed to protect — are gone? As Weiss and Benioff discuss, the ferocious Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms is a vicious monster at the best of times, but without her children to protect and promote her loving, motherly side — well, "that does not bode well for anyone. She's proven in this episode to get what she wants. The real question now is, what does she want?"

2. A girl is changed

Discussion Recap: Although Arya Stark's narrative is undoubtably the cleanest of all in terms of convoluted, interwoven subplots, her descent from a tough, sassy little girl into a highly-skilled, dangerous murderer is possibly the most troubling. On the one hand, her path to vengeance via Walder Frey and one unpalatable meat pie, is entirely understandable — as Weiss comments:

"We all see where she's coming from, she's seen so many atrocities ... it's a worrisome narrative, she started as this tough and plucky girl [and turned] into someone who's capable of slitting a man's throat and smiling as she watches him as he bleeds out."

How far will she go?

3. 'The perfect advisor in the war for Westeros.'

Discussion Recap: Tyrion has climbed an almighty steep slope to find himself standing beside Daenerys Stormborn as Hand to the Queen. After all, "his family played an integral part in nearly exterminating her family." Yet, as she sails west with an impressive fleet in toe, it's a position he has undoubtably earned.

Throughout this season Tyrion has proved himself to be a straight talking ("he's one of the few people in the world still wiling to speak the truth to her face"), loyal and capable advisor to the Mother of Dragons — what with taking care of Mareen in her absence and recommending moves (although painful) which will aid her bid for the throne — moves which she listens to; after all, "Danny is not going to do anything she doesn't want to do." His cynical yet logical mannerisms have finally come up trumps, and considering he's the only one within Danny's fleet who has any experience of Westeros and the monsters lurking within it, she needs him and much as he needs her.

"That shot of Dany's fleet making it's way out of the Slavers Bay towards the Narrow Sea and home is probably the biggest thing to happen on the show thus far, that's the thing we've been waiting for since the pilot episode of the first season.
It hasn't been a smooth road. That's the shot we're going to leave everyone with, it was a real thrill to see her, with Tyrion by her side, heading west."

Watch Game of Thrones: Inside the Episode in its entirety:

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