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OK, so the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale finally established the long-vaunted R+L=J theory — Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow, for those of you who haven't been slavering over this thesis for years — but the show didn't give it to us in a pure, unadulterated form.

In Bran's vision in the Game of Thrones finale, a young Ned Stark bursts into the ill-named Tower of Joy to find his sister Lyanna learning the meaning of medieval healthcare, dying in her bloody bedclothes after childbirth. With her dying breath, she says, ''Promise me, Ned'', and something else.

Listen from 03:48 to work it out.

Most of what Lyanna says to Ned is fairly audible. After something apparently incoherent, she whispers:

If Robert finds out he'll kill him, you know he will. You have to protect him, promise me Ned. Promise me.

The first part is harder to make out, but I'm pretty sure she starts with ''His name is.'' If you listen carefully, she says ''his name is'', then there's a break and an definite 'S' sound. It also looks like an 'R' she's making before the 'S'... Aerys? Is Jon Snow's name Aerys, like the Mad King?

It makes sense that this scene in the Tower of Joy was shot in this slightly ambiguous way. Ned immediately realizes the truth — and that Robert would, indeed, kill the baby if he found out — from the name alone. This means it has to be a Targaryen name. Robert 'The Usurper' Baratheon would not fancy a Targaryen hanging around Westeros, even if he was a bastard.

For, despite the revelation of Jon Snow's identity, he must surely still be a bastard. Prince Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell of Dorne during Robert's Rebellion — although the Game of Thrones timeline does get a little complex, so I'm not 100% certain of that — so would be a Stark/Targaryen bastard as opposed to a Stark/Random woman bastard as previously thought.

With Jon Snow really being Aerys Snow, he is the Stark winter and the Targaryen flames in one. He IS the Song of Ice and Fire, and it's great to have that finally confirmed. Obviously I don't have supersonic hearing, so any suggestions as to what Lyanna said to Ned are gratefully received.

What do you think Lyanna Stark said to Ned?

Source: HBO, Youtube, Reddit, Heavy


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