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Let's face it guys, Blake Lively is probably the closest thing America has to a real-life Disney Princess. Between the beautiful gowns, the long, flowing locks and even her hilarious sidekick of a husband, Ryan Reynolds, it seems as though Lively is a character straight out of the script for some fantastical Disney production — and it looks like she agrees!

Over the last few months Blake has compared herself to some of our most beloved Disney princesses (and even a few other characters!), and I have to say, the comparisons are pretty spot on. Check them out:

Belle (and the Beast)

Even though she claims in the comment to have been compared to both Belle and the Beast (probably due to her denim jacket being reminiscent of the Beast's), we all know that's totally in jest!


It looks like Blake was a princess in the making from a young age!


There's no denying the straight up Cinderella vibes in this beautiful Vivienne Westwood gown she wore at Cannes.


Not only did she look the part of Queen Elsa, she can even sign along to the soundtrack!


However, sometimes even a princess has to work a little villain into her looks!


She was giving us full Esmerelda in this gown, all she needed to add was a tambourine.


And of course, sometimes you have to show off a little of your Pixar side too, especially when you have some great Syndrome-style hair volume going on!

Blake's latest film, The Shallows, is in cinemas now:

Is Blake one of your favorite celebrities?

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