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Get ready. The TV network that brought you masterpieces Sex And The City, Girls, True Blood and Game Of Thrones is now taking a crack at Gossip Girl-style high school drama. That's right. HBO has greenlit Prep, a show inspired by Curtis Sittenfeld's best-selling books.

The main character, Lee Fiora, is a girl from the midwest that starts her freshman year at an elite New England prep school, Ault. There she navigates friendship, romance, and the social order of high school. The series also deals with more controversial issues like race and gender discrimination. It'll be interesting to see how closely HBO decides to stick to the original books.

While there's no word yet on when the show will start casting or filming, we've taken the liberty of throwing together a little fan casting to help the folks over at HBO get started.

Lee Fiora - Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella in Nashville
Lennon Stella in Nashville

Where you've seen her: Nashville

Now that Nashville has ended, the beautiful and talented Lennon Stella might have an opening in her schedule! She's gorgeous and funny, and only 16. That makes her almost the same age as Lee, who is a freshman at the start of Prep. She'll be able to bring just the right amount of endearing social awkwardness to the main character of the series. And look, here she is even going to PROM! Doesn't she just look like the kind of girl that would turn heads at a new school?

Martha Porter - China Anne McClain

Where You've Seen Her: Descendants: Wicked World, Bones

At just 17, China McClain has become a bonafide Disney Channel darling and been featured in a number of other series and movies. She's got such versatile acting chops, there's no doubt she would be perfect to play Lee's BFF Martha Porter, who starts out the series kind of quiet but winds up being a major success. Plus look how cute HER prom photos are:

Dede Schwartz - Maia Mitchell

Where You've Seen Her: Jessie, The Fosters

Another Disney Channel star, Maia Mitchell would nail the role of Dede to Lennon's Lee (think Blair and Serena sort of frenemies). Dede is the one that works on fitting in at Ault and manages to get it down to a science, often preventing Lee from embarrassing herself too much.

Sin Jun Kim - Kim So Hyun

Where You've Seen Her: School 2015

While American audiences might not recognize the beautiful Kim So Hyun, 16, she's already a breakout star in Korea. She starred in hit film School 2015 as a young student who woke up with amnesia and had to come to terms with being bullied before her accident. She's the same age as Lennon Stella, and would fit right in to Lee's squad at Ault.

Aspeth Montgomery - Taissa Farmiga

Where you've seen her: American Horror Story

Taissa Farmiga is only 21, and definitely has that RBF down from Season 1 of American Horror Story. But instead of a troubled teen running into an onslaught of horrors, it would be great to see her as the Queen Bee, causing trouble for everyone else but somehow making us love/fear her in the process. Doesn't she even look like an Aspeth?

Cross Sugarman - Blake Jenner

Blake Jenner in Glee
Blake Jenner in Glee

Where You've Seen Him: Glee

Blake Jenner (no relation to Kendall and Kylie) won our hearts when he won The Glee Project, and then went on to star in the show as part of the second wave of New Directions, Heartthrob 2.0 Ryder Lynn. His background in pretending to be a football-playing glee kid would have prepared him perfectly to play the Troy Bolton-esque Cross Sugarman, the acting/basketball-playing hunk of Ault School.

Dave Bardo - Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones and MIley Cyrus, Two And A Half Men
Angus T. Jones and MIley Cyrus, Two And A Half Men

We loved him as the adorkable Jake Harper on Two And A Half Men. Now that Jake — I mean Angus — is 22, he'd be perfect to play the nerdy yet endearing guy that fawns all over Lee and works in the kitchen at school. Let's just hope he shaves that scraggly beard and promises not to bad mouth the new show...

Who do you want to see star in Prep?

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