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The DC series Young Justice, which first aired on Cartoon Network back in 2010, follows the lives of teenage superhero sidekicks. Led by Robin (of Batman and Robin), these sidekicks and younger relatives of grown superheroes fight evil in a group called The Team.

Despite going off the air in 2013, both seasons of the series are now available on Netflix. With all the new fans discovering Young Justice lately, there's been talk of a push to create a third season.

YouTuber Christopher Niosi caught up with Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman and asked him what he thought the chances were of getting another season, and if there was anything fans could do to help. Surprisingly, Weisman said there was something fans could do to get the WB's attention.

Here's How You Can Help Get Season 3 Of Young Justice:

1. Binge-watch the series on Netflix. Seriously.

2. Buy the DVDs (new) or buy the series on Amazon or iTunes so that the WB sees they're still getting royalties off the series.

3. Buy the digital comics through Comixology.

Weisman explained that this is not just him trying to make more money, it's the best way to get the WB's attention and prove that there's still interest in Young Justice:

"This is not me blowing smoke. I truly believe it is possible. I want to be clear, I got no guarantee. I don't even work at Warner Bros. anymore. I work at Nickelodeon. But I've had a couple conversations with the folks at Warner Bros., and even a conversation with some folks at Netflix, and I have a basic understanding of how this works. So what I'm offering isn't a guarantee, it's a viable strategy. It's something that is real, that can help us get a third season of the show."

Of course, if there's all this interest in the show now, it begs the question: Why did it get cancelled in the first place? Weisman answers that, too:

"I've seen all sorts of rumors and stuff on the internet. I debunk the same damn rumors over and over, but the actual truth is very straightforward. I'm sure there are other little complications involved, but they're minor compared to the big thing, which was the budget for the show was paid for by money we received by Mattel in exchange for the toy license. When the toy line for Young Justice failed, and you could have a whole eight hour discussion on why it failed, that's so beside the point that it doesn't matter. The toy line failed. The money from Mattel stopped coming in. There was no money to make the show. It's that simple."

The logic is simple, and pretty hard to argue with: Prove that Young Justice can make money again, and a third season should be soon to follow.

Listen to the whole interview between Christopher Niosi and Greg Weisman here:

Do you want another season of Young Justice?

Source: Christopher Niosi


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