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This weekend one of our favorite Nickelodeon alum Josh Peck got engaged to cinematographer and editor Paige O'Brien, once again proving that he is totally adorable and perfect. Here are a few other times that Josh Peck has stolen our hearts.

1. Drake & Josh

Most of us first fell in love with Josh Peck when he starred alongside Drake Bell in the hilarious 2004 brother comedy series Drake & Josh. His lovable, over-the-top persona made him an instant icon to many of us who watched Nickelodeon as kids.

2. He Got Seriously Hot

This man Neville Longbottomed hard on the way through puberty, and we are so thankful.

3. He Played John Stamos' Son in Grandfathered


He got so hot, in fact, that he starred alongside the equally gorgeous John Stamos in FOX's Grandfathered. When asked what he would say to his younger self, Josh told International Business Times:

“Oh, I wanted to call up 13-year-old chubby Josh and be like everything’s going to work out just fine, brother. I would have had a lot less worries growing up had I known that I could have been semi-passable as John Stamos’ son.”

4. He Still Has A Bromance With Drake Bell

The two are still best friends, and hang out all the time. They are also still keen to get a Drake & Josh reboot or movie off the ground. Drake even guest starred in Grandfathered, where they referenced the iconic show!

5. He Loves Animals

Always love a man who loves his pets: Josh Peck is no exception.

6. He Is The King Of Vine...

Josh Peck is a comedian at heart, and has taken to the micro-video hosting platform Vine like a duck to water, earning him over 9 million followers and over two billion 'loops.'

7...And Twitter

Josh's Twitter is the realest thing ever, honestly, dropping truth bombs all over the place, always asking the big questions...

Congrats on your engagement Josh! Never forget to be awesome, your wife-to-be is a very lucky lady.

What made you fall in love with Josh Peck?

Source: IBTimes, Vine, Twitter, Instagram


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