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So as many of you know by now Sony boss Tom Rothman all but confirmed that a spiderverse is happening! What does this mean for the MCU? What does it mean for Sony? And most importantly, what could it mean for all us webheads out there?

Rothman made it clear that Sony is still in the game and planning to make their own movies within the Spiderman universe, but they'll be working with marvel from a creative standpoint. This means that any Spidey characters the MCU cant squeeze in we will probably be getting to see them in Sony movies. It also hopefully points to us seeing our first big Spiderverse character on screen, maybe spear heading Sony's part of the SV, Miles Morales.

1. Miles Morales.

Miles is the Successor to Peter Parker in the Ultimate universe. He too was bitten by a radioactive spider that came from Oscorp. Initially Miles shied away from his newfound powers and responsibility, but when Parker died saving Morales' family he took on the mantle and became earth 1610's new web-slinger. He possesses a few powers that Spidey himself doesn't even have, like camouflage, and a kind of stun-blast that he uses to great effect.

2. Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk

Another hero we should be seeing as a result of spiderverse is Silk.

Cindy Moon was a student in Peter Parker's class and she was also there on that fateful field trip to Oscorp that got Peter bit by a radioactive spider. Surprise! Cindy was bit by the exact same spider! However, unlike Peter she was unable to gain control of her powers at first and was locked away in a facility by another player in spiderverse Ezekial. After she is freed by Peter she becomes Silk, a web-slinging, butt-kicking hero.

3. The Vampire Morlun

Heroes aren't the only new characters we'll likely see because of Spider-verse. There are also some pretty nasty bad guys that this story line brings into the game. Chief among them perhaps is Morlun.

Morlun is a centuries old Vampire like being. Only instead of sucking blood he absorbs a victims life force just by touching them. He can feed off of almost any living being but he gets the most energy from totemic beings (Super-human representations of animal totems) like Spider-man and the Black Panther. He could potentially be very dangerous to many of our beloved animal themed avengers, and everyone else besides. Morlun has immense physical strength and invulnerability and thanks to his life force sucking abilities he is almost immortal, in the comics he has even returned from the dead.

4. The Jackal

Another Villain that could (and in my opinion should) get brought into the fold her is the Jackal.

The Jackal is a brilliant geneticist by the name of Miles Warren. When Warren accidentally kills his lab assistant during an altercation caused by Warren's underhanded desire to clone humans. One of these humans was Peter Parker. Warren soon becomes obsessed with Spiderman and creates many clones of him, most in an attempt to kill him. The two most famous clones, who are also big players in spiderverse are Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker. Both of them eventually become heroes in their own right taking on the mantle of Scarlet Spider. Anyway, more about Jackal, see his genius mind and propensity for illicit experiments isn't all there is too him. Warren experiments on himself, giving himself augmented levels of strength, speed, and agility by splicing himself with Jackal DNA. Hence the name and the ugly mug.

5. Spider-Gwen

The last character I want to bring up is a character that did play a role in spiderverse and is now quite prominent in the marvel comic universe, but mostly i just really want to see her on the big screen. None other than the much beloved Spider-Gwen!

Spider-Gwen is the Spiderwoman of Earth-65. An alternate version of Gwen Stacy who was bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, at first she doesnt really seem to take her powers or the responsibility that comes with them too seriously but after the tragic death of Peter Parker she tells her police chief father:

and with that she becomes as determined as our own original webhead. Spider-Gwen delivers the butt-kicking and hilarious one liners that fans are used to from Spiderman, but with a new twist and perspective. Besides who wouldn't want to see Emma Stone in this super suit kicking the crud out of the green goblin!

Let me know in the comments who else you'd like to see on the big screen for spiderverse!!


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