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To the dismay of many Superman fans, Superman's longtime best pal, Jimmy Olsen, did not seem to appear in Batman V Superman, but was mysteriously listed in the credits. Jimmy Olsen and Superman have a long history and with the trajectory of Superman's grim fate in the film, it was odd Jimmy wouldn't have been included for any of Superman's important cinematic moments. Well, it turns out that he was, it's just that he was killed off in the opening minutes of the film.

Jimmy Olsen in "Batman v Superman."
Jimmy Olsen in "Batman v Superman."

Jimmy Olsen was introduced in the very beginning of Batman V Superman without the audience knowing when Lois Lane journeyed to an African dessert to interview a warlord. He was her photographer who then revealed himself to be a CIA agent, getting himself shot and killed right in front of Lois's eyes. Zack Snyder commented on the merciless sacrifice of such a beloved character in the film, saying:

We just did it as this little aside because we had been tracking where we thought the movies were gonna go, and we don’t have room for Jimmy Olsen in our big pantheon of characters, but we can have fun with him, right?

It was a short lived life for Jimmy Olsen — or was it? In the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, points out Jimmy Olsen is named in the scene, unlike the theatrical version. This actually provides the perfect opportunity to speculate that Jimmy Olsen is, in fact, alive. But how?


Jimmy Olsen: Dead No More

The CIA needed to get someone to infiltrate Lois Lane's interview with the warlord, but they had to do it without her knowing and without her disrupting the undercover job. She doesn't know that this is an undercover mission for her own safety. So how could they get someone from the CIA in without her knowing or questioning them? It has to be someone she trusts. Thus, Jimmy Olsen makes his appearance.

Here is the kicker, when "Jimmy Olsen" meets Lois, she doesn't recognize this person at all, and he's not her usual photographer. She only knows and trusts the name — Jimmy Olsen — which is why she didn't question him being her photographer. This has to mean the real Jimmy is out there somewhere.

When this "Jimmy Olsen" dies, she is startled, but she isn't devastated over the loss of who she knows to be a close friend of Clark's, meaning he can't be the real Jimmy Olsen. The CIA Agent was parading as Jimmy Olsen to gain Lois's trust for him being there. Her real photographer wasn't there at all, and nor was the real Jimmy. This opens the door for the real Jimmy Olsen to be written into future storylines involving Superman.

"Jimmy Olsen" and Lois Lane.
"Jimmy Olsen" and Lois Lane.

Jimmy Olsen is an important part to the Superman mythology, and has appeared in most versions of Superman, from the radio serials of old to The CW's Supergirl, in which he is played by Mehcad Brooks.

Jimmy Olsen's importance to Superman, coupled by this interesting finding in the extended cut of Batman V Superman, makes it seem Warner Bros. may have future plans for Jimmy Olsen despite Zack Snyder's comments.



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