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Yesterday we got a present in a form of Aquaman's B.T.S photos from the movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Along with it is a photo of the concept art for the upcoming Justice League movie. (See the photo below)

We've seen many concept arts for the movie before, especially from that TV special with Kevin Smith, but unlike those concept arts, the one that was shown above gives us a better look of the members of the Justice League and their costumes or "suits", rather and I can't help but to notice The Flash's suit.

Different From The Comics

Looking at the photo, we can see that The Flash's suit is dominantly red(probably down to the boots), and it has some bronze-ish accents on the hips, anon the forearms, on the temple and the suit has some grey parts too. Now, if you're looking at it properly, you might notice that there is something missing. If you're thinking about the ears, then you're right. The suit is good, and they are almost getting it, but they left they ears out.

In an average point of view, the suit(in the concept art) looks awesome, cool and considerable even if they don't include the white circle in his insignia(it's really forgivable), but it doesn't look or feel like The Flash. For me, it looks like the Daredevil is now a member of the Justice League*sarcasm*. The suit needs have more yellow/gold, or at least brighten up those bronze-ish accents up a bunch if they are going with that design.

So, I did what I have to do to appease myself. I did a minor tweak on The Flash's suit. It's just a really, really minor tweak and not a good least I came up with something that I can tell myself that what I'm looking at is The Flash.


Yellow/Gold accents to contrast with the red suit
Yellow/Gold accents to contrast with the red suit

Now I understand that this is just only a concept art, and it is not certain that this'll be their final look when the movie comes out.

So, what do you think, guys? Did my tweak somehow appeased you? Thank you for stopping by.


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