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The Night Gardener is a fantastic Victorian style ghost story by the talented author, Jonathan Auxier. Sometime last year Disney purchased the film rights to the story and it's been confirmed that Auxier himself is working on the screenplay. Not much else has been reported, but you can bet that Disney has big plans for this story, and it's right up their alley.

I Just finished the novel. It so impressed me that I just had to write an article about it, and some of my hopes for the upcoming film. The story centers around two Irish orphans who fled their home country during the potato famine and have been separated from their parents. The pair finds work at an out of the way manor, home to the Windsor family.

Molly, the eldest sibling, and her brother Kip soon learn that something is amiss at the Windsor house and the giant tree that grows beside it. Things only get stranger from there, with great story telling and a full cast of colorful and dynamic characters, not to mention a few good scares along the way The Night Gardener could prove to be an awesome success for Disney. The book is also filled with plenty of Disney worthy quotes like this one from Molly:

"A story helps folks face the world, even when it frightens 'em. And a lie does the opposite. It helps you hide"

Or this one from the old storyteller Hester Kettle:

"Dont confuse what you do with who you are..."

Overall the story is much more than a great ghost story, it's a tale about family, about trust, and about forging your own path. Sounds like a story made for Disney studios doesn't it? But don't expect a happy go lucky tale or another princess movie, The Night Gardener has a darker tone and you can be sure that it'll bring the chills.

My suggestion, pick up this gem of a ghost story and get to reading. It'll be great to see this story on the big screen, but it's too good of a tale to wait. Happy reading!


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