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Yesterday marked the end of yet another season and as usual the finale was satisfying while also leaving us at a moment where waiting 42 weeks for the next episode is inconceivable. You would think we'd be used to it by now. Nevertheless, the special extended length episode left us with plenty to talk about, tying up a number of stories while also paving the way for those to come.

It's easily been the biggest season finale yet, mainly thanks to the inclusion of some massive moments that would usually be included in Episode 9. However, considering what was offered up in 'Battle of the Bastards' it's hardly surprising some moments had to be put off until the next episode. With all that has presented itself across the last season, especially in this final episode, it's clear the end could well be in sight now. So the question is 'Where will everyone be when the Great Game is over?'

Let's start off in King's Landing...

Cersei: HOW Long May She Reign?

If there was one thing made abundantly clear in the last episode, it was do not mess with Cersei Lannister, because no matter how long it takes; be it hours, days or even years. She will have her revenge. Watch the clip below to see the return of everyone's favorite fictional explosive in glorious fashion:

However, of course, in typical Game Of Thrones fashion, big actions have a bad habit of coming back to bite you. In this case as we have been told many times this season, The Crown and The Faith are the twin pillars on which the world rests and if one falls, so will the other. With Tommen powerless to stop his Mother, he could only watch as the Sept fell, following suit by taking a dive out a high window. Unfortunately someone moved the hay bale at the bottom.

As much as I would say this was something Cersei did not expect or want to happen, she also seemed almost indifferent while stood over his corpse. So maybe deep down this is how she always wanted it to be. With all that she has done, Daenerys Targaryen is not the one who should be called the Mad Queen and if there is one person with experience in assassinating mad rulers it's...

Jaime: King & Queen Slayer

It must be hard to be Jaime, after working hard to end the Siege of Riverrun and get back to his beloved sister. Only to find she's blown up a major landmark and indirectly caused the suicide of his last child. The last we saw of him he was left standing to the side as his sister was crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Probably wondering if it was all worth it.

Even if he is proud of his sister there is still one hurdle both shall need to overcome. The impending Targaryen invasion. A group of religious fanatics may be one thing but 3 Dragons, a former slave army, a horde of barbarians, the largest fleet in the Seven Kingdoms and the support of House Martell and Tyrell is something else entirely. When the enemy comes knocking, it may be left to Jaime to spare his sister's suffering, I'm sure there shall be no tears involved.

Daenerys & Her Advisors: Time For Her To Take Her Rightful Place?

With the army she has assembled over the past seasons and the support she has gained, it would be foolish not to expect this dragon riding badass to claim the Iron Throne and restore Targaryen rule to the Seven Kingdoms. The sight of her beasts alone could be enough to make most adversaries submit. Her victory will come, but if it's anything like her story so far, she may find something to delay it.

However, once it does arrive, Tyrion's role by her side will prove to help her secure the control of the Realm for some time to come. If he could do it for Joffrey, he can do it for her, plus I'm sure the 'Little Birds' will be happy to see the return of the Master Varys, Qyburn may believe them loyal to him now but we shall see if that hold true in the events to come.

Theon & Yara: Who Shall Sit On The Salt Throne?

While they may be supporting Daenerys campaign, the Greyjoy siblings still have problems of their own to deal with back home. Mostly in the form of their Uncle Euron Greyjoy and his 'big cock'. He aims to build a fleet to pursue his niece and nephew, so we may witness one of the first sea battles of the show.

In the interest of character evolution, I see it likely that Yara will fall in a battle against Euron's fleet, forcing Theon to embrace his birthright and gain the courage and strength that he has been missing for so long to . Perhaps news of Ramsay's death will bolster his resolve. Given Euron's first suggestion as ruler was to murder them, it's clear that they will have to confront their Uncle sooner or later.

The Starks: Reunited At Last?

Collectively the Stark children have had a pretty rough time of it, one's been paralyzed, two where present at their father's execution, two are dead and they're orphans. A few season's back they were so far apart the possibility of them ever meeting again seemed slim. Now however, with their home retaken by Sansa and Jon and all being in the northern region of Westeros, it looks like now, more than ever, may be the time when they can finally look to rebuild their lives as the leaders of the North.

With the support of The Vale and The Freefolk, as well as the Northern Houses, The Stark's can hopefully fight off any resistance from the Lannisters to the south. Now that winter has come however, their true battle will likely come from the north. With the Night King rallying his forces beyond the wall, it may be up to one bastard to save all of Westeros...

Jon: King Beyond The Wall?

Although currently Jon may look set to become ruler of Winterfell and has be titled King in the North by his banner-men, something Benjen Stark told Bran as they parted ways has stuck in my mind. He mentioned how the Wall is not simply a giant slab of ice but actually also has runes carved into it that stop the dead from passing. Considering I believe it unlikely that the White Walkers will be capable of breaking down the Wall any time soon, after all it was built to keep them out. It seems likely Jon will cross over and confront them.

Whether he is aware of it at the time of not, this may leave him unable to return if he survives the fight. This kind of bittersweet ending to a character's story is the exact kind of thing I could see happening. Still at least it gives him plenty of time to catch up with his Uncle while he's out there.


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