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A neo-noir horror film

Neo-noir horror flick On The Brain is set to invade your DVD players on July 12, courtesy of Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage Films. Directed by Kevin Van Stevenson and written by Brandon Trask, it stars Danny Hansen, Shenik Taylor, Sharon Fredrickson and Frankie Ray.

According to the synopsis from Brain Damage Films:

The men of a sleepy desert town mysteriously become violent. Upon investigation, the newly appointed sheriff and town doctor begin to tie the crimes to the Mayor. Something is in the heads of the townsfolk... and only the Sheriff can stop it.


The film was inspired by the desert town of San Jacinto, California, a unique and detached place that lent itself perfectly to the script, originally titled Dangerous Season. Two movies in particular influenced On The Brain: Oscar-winning thriller No Country for Old Men and Danish mystery Terribly Happy. With these two films impacting the critical storyboarding phase of the film, the producer and director honed in on the story's main theme, which was: There is a murderer inside us all, it just takes the right situation to unleash it.

In the hands of the very capable Van Stevenson, the neo-noir horror flick was brought to life by way of a talented ensemble cast, hypnotizing music and creepy visual effects. Most of the time, these elements are conceived in preproduction. However, Stevenson created the style and tempo on set and in post-production. Auditioning more than 200 actors, working with three different composers and spending countless hours tweaking the visual effects, the film came together over a period of 18 months.

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The award-winning horror film will be available on and from July 12. In addition to a beautifully shot and well-composed film doused in a brooding, intense atmosphere, there are plenty of goodies to be found on the company's website and social media, including cool artwork, TV spots, creative character bios, interviews, and an interactive social team jumping at the chance to speak with you. Visit the sites on the the links below!

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"On The Brain" takes the zombie-horror subgenre to a new level.
"On The Brain" takes the zombie-horror subgenre to a new level.

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