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Digital Illustrator Robert M. Ball has been painting the "Beautiful Deaths" on Games of Thrones for six seasons now. Each poster is released a few days after the title episodes air date. They strive to be the ultimate visual symbol for each of the 10 episodes.

Ball uses warm and cool colors — bright yellows, deep cool blues, warm reds, earth brown often separated by an expanse of black — to emphasize themes established in the George R.R. Martin books A Song of Ice and Fire.

Each poster can be appreciated separately but seen together they make an incredible artistic and visual statement. It's worth the ten week wait to see the final results.

Episode 1: 'The Red Woman'

Episode 2: 'Home'

Episode 3: 'Oathbreaker'

Episode 4: 'Book Of The Stranger'

Episode 5: 'The Door'

Episode 6: 'Blood Of My Blood'

Episode 7: 'The Broken Man'

Episode 8: 'No One'

Episode 9: 'Battle Of The Bastards'

Episode 10: 'The Winds Of Winter'

Robert M. Ball is an illustrator, designer and comic maker, living and working in London. His clients include HBO, Disney, ESPN, Sony, Wired and Conde Nast.

You can see more of Ball's art at his website.

Which poster did you like best?


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