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This past few years Netflix has catapulted itself to show dominance with several hit series produced by the streaming service. In what seemed like an eternal wait, the day's being set for the premiere of season two of one of Netflix’s most acclaimed original shows, Marco Polo!

If you haven’t watched the first season of Marco Polo then stop reading and go. Yes, go now. Watch it! If you have already but don’t quite remember what happened, don’t worry I got you covered.

From here on there will be a lot of spoilers… you’ve been warned!

Brief Recap Of Season One

"Marco Polo" |
"Marco Polo" |

In season one we were introduced to Marco Polo and his family of merchants. During a trading trip to Mongolia the Polo’s become prisoners of the mighty Kublai Khan, after it is discovered that Marco’s father was smuggling a highly-valued Mongolian luxury item. To keep his father and uncle from execution, Marco becomes a slave to Kublai Khan, aiding him in several armed battles throughout the empire.

As time passes, Marco becomes one of Kublai Khan’s most trusted advisers, but it's when the Kublai’s life is threatened by the legendary Hassassins through the middle of the season that Marco almost loses his head to the sword. After he proves his innocence and loyalty while aiding in the invasion of Northern China with his mentor Hundred Eyes, it is revealed that the man pulling the strings in the attempted fall of the Mongol Empire was Kublai Khan’s adoptive son and Minister of Finance, Ahmad.

Brief Recap of Hundred Eyes

Hundred Eyes |
Hundred Eyes |

About a year after season one ended, Netflix released a 30-minute special on the history of the blind fighting monk, Hundred Eyes. The highly-skilled martial artist was never always blind, and it was after Kublai Khan invaded his region in China that he became a slave. Impressed by his skills in the martial arts, instead of killing him the Khan blinds him as punishment for resisting and killing Mongol soldiers. After Hundred Eyes trained without the use of his eyes, the Khan ordered him to train his son and heir, Prince Jingim.

Season 2 Premieres On July 1st

It’s been a long two years without Marco Polo, but finally July 1st is right around the corner. Have a happy Marco Polo viewing and remember to always binge-watch responsibly!

Marco Polo Season 2 Trailer


Will you be watching season 2 of Marco Polo?


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