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Maya Issa

Knowing that Taika Waititi, the comedic mastermind behind the hilarious What We Do In The Shadows and Boy was also the force behind Hunt For The Wilderpeople, I was jumping out of my skin to know more. After watching the trailer, the scene was set for me to thoroughly enjoy this film.

And it didn’t disappoint. Full of great one-liners and incredibly dry humour throughout, I struggle to find fault with this film. Sam Neill is fantastic as the no-nonsense grumpy old foster parent, as is Rachel House as the stern, unstoppable Child Services worker Paula ("No child left behind" is her self-appointed motto). But no one can out-shine Julian Dennison who plays the no-good delinquent, Ricky Baker. His comedic delivery is spot-on and he's easy to root for from beginning to end.

I’m so thrilled to see our Kiwi neighbours soaring in the film industry, particularly with Taika having co-written the next Disney animation Moana and also taking the reins of the upcoming Marvel juggernaut Thor: Ragnarok which is currently in pre-production.

This movie was so great that I actually saw it twice. If you love quirky comedies a la Flight Of The Conchords and Wes Anderson, you will love this as much as I did.


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