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First and foremost, before sending me hate mail or negative comments, hear me out. Yes the first ever Green Lantern movie bombed and everyone who hated it, blamed the script , blamed the studios and blame Ryan Reynolds.

However, I felt the movie was true to the origin stories of Hal Jordan and towards the end, we were teased with Sinestro wearing a Yellow Ring. If people hated BvS for being dark and being gritty and labeling DC films for being serious and no fun, WAIT A MINUTE.....wasn't Green Lantern bright, green and had all the humor and fun?????

Well if Ryan Reynolds can be a "badly done" Deadpool in 2009's Wolverine movie,and come back with a bang in 2016's Deadpool, I am sure he will do an awesome Green lantern again. But then which story can the studios tackle this time?

My hunch would be Geoff Johns' Green Lantern Rebirth, written in 2005. With Johns himself spear heading the WB's DC extended cinematic universe, this would be the safe bet for a Green Lantern movie. The rebirth story line is basically the return of Hal Jordan after being consumed by fear and Parallax. How the remaining corps helped to defeat Parallax and helped Hal Jordan rise forms the whole story.

This could be a great come back for Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. This movie could also introduce Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardener. Just like how FOX studios gave Reynolds another shot as Deadpool, I hope WB would do the same. Till we wait for 2020's Green Lantern Corps, lets await for Wonder Woman and Justice League movies next year.


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