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Alternately titled; "I Ship It" -- an ode to Nerd Culture, Musicals, and Tropes Galore.

As a kid who grew up cancelling plans for new episodes of my favorite shows, let me tell you that fandom and nerd culture have pretty much always felt like home to me. I used to print out chapters of fanfics to take with me to school, so I could read them in class where laptops weren't allowed. I live for character and plot discussions, and while I'm definitely a lot more apprehensive now about most fandoms, I can't resist diving in to what series creators are offering.

This series creator, Yulin Kuang, is an LA based writer, director, and filmmaker who shares her fan love and background through series like I Ship It, or I Didn't Write This, as well as short films like We've Met Before, which takes place within the (canon!) Twilight universe.

One of my friends introduced me to Yulin’s work last year, showing me the short film of the same name and embedded below. The original I Ship It spoke to my inner Hufflepuff and reminded me of the fact that fanfic and Wizard Rock and all these things totally matter in the cultivation of people's artistic voices and that works like these, that celebrate fandoms, allow for more legitimization of what we all know and love. So, hey, good times.

About the short: After a bad break up, Zoe Smallman decides to take down her ex in a wizard rock battle of the bands.

Great short, and fast forward some moons to last week when the first four episodes of the new I Ship It series released on CW Seed.

The premise is relatively similar, centering on a girl — ELLA — who handles her recent break-up by starting a band and reconnecting to what (and who) she loves in this world. I won't talk too much longer, but here's the gist of the pilot in case you want to know before checking it out. Like Tim, I'm here for moral support.

So, check it — ELLA, fresh from getting dumped over breakfast, confides in her roommate / co-worker, TIM. Tim’s there to help her out (cue crumpled sticky note) —

[Crumpled up sticky note that reads MORAL SUPPORT]
[Crumpled up sticky note that reads MORAL SUPPORT]

— and they kiss, but she feels nothing, except the desire to make people feel things with her music. There’s so much that she wants that she isn’t doing now, so she signs up for the Battle of the Bands and drops the pen once she’s done.

The pilot, as well as three other episodes, are already online right here on the CW Seed. I’m excited and making dumb star eyes at my computer in a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but — yes — I already ship it.


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