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If the Rick and Morty Season 2 finale left you devastated, yet wanting more, you're not alone. And thankfully for us all it turned out that we probably wouldn't have to wait until next year — "a year and a half… or longer" to get started with the hugely anticipated Season 3.

How dare you lie to us Mr. Poopybutthole?

Speaking at the Miami Magic City Comic Con at the beginning of the year, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon confirmed that the target release date for Season 3 would be the end of 2016. With production getting off the ground a few months back it's looking likely that that target will be achieved, though there's no official word on the Season 3 premiere as of yet.

But not only are we getting the new season sooner than expected, but we're getting even more episodes than expected — 14 episodes to be exact. Ooh-whee!

Why Does Rick and Morty Work So Well?

When a show like Rick and Morty comes along it's always a concern that the quality will be difficult to sustain over the long term. Similar animated series like Archer, Adventure Time and Robot Chicken have more than had their moments, but the vast array of episodes means that there's low points there too.

Rick and Morty hasn't really hit a low point yet, and a lot of that has to do with the show's disconnected episodic structure and disregard for continuity. This allows the creators a freedom not afforded to shows which follow strict rules and overarching narratives, and it's worked well so far.

But, according to show creators Justin Roiland and Harmon, Rick & Morty Season 3 will start to revisit earlier plotlines and will bring back some characters from earlier in the series — Dan Harmon has promised a second appearance from fan-favorite Mr. Meeseeks, you'll be pleased to hear.

Mr. Meeseeks [Adult Swim]
Mr. Meeseeks [Adult Swim]

Which means there's a chance that we could return to the world upon which Roiland's favorite episode is set. Can you guess which one it is?

"Look Who's Purging Now"

The Purge Episode [Adult Swim]
The Purge Episode [Adult Swim]

In a new interview with Collider, Roiland and Harmon discussed the Rick and Morty Season 2 finale and the production process which led to "The Wedding Squanchers" nearly being a very different episode.

But Roiland also happened to name drop his favorite episode, and it is of course the aformentioned "Look Who's Purging Now", the penultimate episode of Rick and Morty Season 2.

"Look Who's Purging Now" took us to a backwards planet on the night of the annual Purge Festival, and our intrepid heroes were caught up in the bloodbath when Rick's spaceship was stolen by Arthricia, one of the planet's inhabitants.

Along the way we had some laughs, and discovered a dark repressed violence inside Morty's character, which was fun to watch.

Arguably Morty's best line [Adult Swim]
Arguably Morty's best line [Adult Swim]

Whilst Dan Harmon has previously shared the identity of his favorite character with us (it's Beth), and dropped the Mr. Meeseeks bomb, Roiland has been a bit more secretive about his favorite parts of the series, so it's nice to learn these little things.

So, could Rick and Morty ever return to the Purge Planet? Let's hope so, if only cause we really want to see Arthricia and Rick dancing again in the blood of their enemies whilst wearing Morty like a backpack.

[Adult Swim]
[Adult Swim]

Who do you want to see returning for Rick and Morty Season 3? Tell us in the comments below!

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