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After the explosive and controversial finale of The Flash Season 2, we're good and hyped for Season 3. Now that Barry has reset the timeline anything is possible. And among the myriad of questions everyone's asking, one really stands out — who will be the villain of The Flash Season 3?

The seasonal antagonist is a major factor in The Flash's storylines, and it's one aspect the show is universally praised for. Both Seasons 1 and 2 featured intriguing villains, withholding their true identities until the final few episodes, allowing the characters to unwillingly build up a relationship with the person they'd been fighting.

It's the perfect recipe for an emotional gut punch, and one even Legends of Tomorrow is looking to replicate. But The Flash might shake things up for Season 3, introducing a brand new villain from the DC Comics.

Who Is Godspeed?

Back in March, DC announced a new villain for the post-Rebirth Flash comics. Known as Godspeed, this fiend is yet another speedster, who got his powers after a city-wide Speed Force storm imbues dozens of people with super speed powers. Training the new speedsters is a focus of Barry's new comic run, and Godspeed is the classic speedster-gone-bad. Naturally, we don't know Godspeed's true identity yet.

Godspeed's character design for DC's Rebirth.
Godspeed's character design for DC's Rebirth.

Unlike Zoom, whose comic incarnation is a crazed maniac, Godspeed is almost sympathetic, as writer Josh Williamson explained to Newsarama.

"Godspeed is much more calculating, and is a lot more sympathetic. There are days where, as I’m writing him, I feel like I relate to him. I think there’s going to be a conversation at some point, where someone is going to say to themselves, 'Is Godspeed actually a bad guy?' I think that’s what separates him."

So could we see this villain appear in The Flash Season 3? The entire plot revolves around a new generation of speedsters, and Grant Gustin did already confirm that we'll be seeing more speedsters in Season 3.

Wally and Jesse get caught in the explosion.
Wally and Jesse get caught in the explosion.

It certainly would be interesting to see Barry deal with this, forced to step up his game as he trains new speedsters, and deals with a villain he feels responsible for. However, there's Flashpoint to consider.

New Villain Won't Be A Metahuman

Gustin also said he'd "heard whispers" that the villain for Season 3 might not actually be a metahuman, which makes sense for what we know of Flashpoint. Thanks to Barry going back in time to save his mother in the Season 2 finale, many fans guessed that Season 3 would adapt the Flashpoint comic, and this was confirmed earlier this month.

Of course, the TV show is unlikely to copy this comic word-for-word — for one thing, there's no Batman in this universe so we won't get the Thomas Wayne Batman from Flashpoint. But there are elements of Flashpoint we're almost certain to see, especially when it comes to the villain of Season 3.

Citizen Cold freezes Wally West in 'Flashpoint'.
Citizen Cold freezes Wally West in 'Flashpoint'.

In Flashpoint, Barry wakes up to discover that he has no powers. Instead, Leonard Snart is the hero of Central City — known as Citizen Cold, Snart is vicious in his method of vigilante justice. Iris and Wally West investigate the antihero, leading to Wally being frozen by Cold's gun. Iris later dispatches Snart in the same way. It's a really awesome plot, which would work perfectly for The Flash Season 3. And with Wentworth Miller joining the show as a recurring cast member in Season 3, it seems highly likely that Snart will be the main antagonist for the next season.

However, that doesn't count Godspeed out completely. The Flashpoint adaptation may only last for the first half of Season 3. If Barry resets the timeline to the way it was in Seasons 1 and 2, we might get yet another villain in the latter half of the season.

Leonard Snart could be the villain of Season 3.
Leonard Snart could be the villain of Season 3.

Or maybe Godspeed would work better for Season 4, especially if the writers adapt the speedster plot from the Rebirth comic. That might be a good way to get Wally West to fulfill his role as Kid Flash within the show, and of course there's Jesse Wells — although she's different from her comics counterpart, there have been plenty of hints that Harrison's daughter will become the speedster Jesse Quick.

Basically, there's no way of telling how The Flash writers will adapt DC's vast history into the show. But with Godspeed waiting on the starting block, primed to cause problems for Barry in DC's Rebirth, we're sure to see that impact the show somehow. The question is, how?

Who do you think will be the villain of The Flash Season 3?

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