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There are many strong characters in the Marvel Universe, and we've been lucky enough to see more than a handful of them show up on the big screen. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor- some of Marvel's fiercest warriors have been the focus of many amazing films within Marvel's cinematic universe!

With the MCU in its third phase, and no end phase in sight, more and more powerful Marvel heroes and villains are going to make the jump from the comic pages to the big screen. We've already got films set up for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel, with more epic heroes sure to come!

But as powerful as those heroes are, Marvel's strongest has yet to show up in live-action form. However, thanks to a particularly suspicious Instagram post by a The Walking Dead actor, that may all be about to change.

Is Sentry Coming To The MCU?!

Justin Kucsulain is an actor known for his roles in The Walking Dead and Bloodline. In The Walking Dead, Kucsulain played Ethan, a member of the Hilltop Colony. After returning from a delivery to The Saviors, Ethan is sent back by series baddie Negan to deliver a rather bloody message to Rick's group. Needless to say, it doesn't end well for Ethan, who is quickly stabbed to death by Rick after Ethan tried to kill Gregory, another Hilltop Colony citizen.

The television actor recently took to his Instagram to post a very interesting picture. The image, shown above, shows Kucsulain holding a ton of Marvel merchandise, mostly comic books.

But this isn't just ANY Marvel merch, it's all directly related to one Marvel character in particular; Sentry.

Who Is Sentry?

Real name Robert Reynolds, The Sentry is one of Marvel's most powerful superheroes ever created, with strength outmatching that of heroes like Hulk and even gods like Thor and Ares. He's also pretty much the ultimate fan fiction OC turned reality.

Sentry's origins are a bit ambiguous, but it seems that he has befriended several Marvel heroes, and been around for a ton of big Marvel events. He taught the X-Man Angel how to get over his fear of falling, he helped the Fantastic Four on several missions, and Peter Parker earned a Pulitzer Prize thanks to a picture he took of Sentry (no, seriously).

With Sentry being such an incredibly powerful and important character, it's no wonder Justin Kucsulain is picking up so much Sentry merchandise! But because this is the internet, and everything is usually thrown way out of proportion, some have taken this Instagram post to mean that Justin is hinting at a future MCU role. But is he?

Is Justin Kucsulain Portaying The Sentry?

It looks like it! While there's no confirmation that Sentry is even coming to the MCU, Kucsulain's Instagram post is full of hints that he'll be portraying Marvel's strongest. For one thing, his caption "⚡•️Gathered some amazing reading material today. •⚡️•" seems to suggest that he's using the comics as research for something. Perhaps to get ready for a future role?

Justin even went so far as to comment that the reason he bought the action figure was because it "had a pretty sweet origin story on the back of it", providing more evidence that he's picking this stuff up for research!

He also tagged the image with a ton of Marvel related tags, including and . Of course, he also used tagged the image with and a ton of TWD hashtags, so these tags may not have much to do with anything. However, there are two tags in particular that seems way too intentional to be coincidental.

Justin Kucsulain had a part in season 2 of Netflix's original series Bloodline, as Henry "Hank" Rourke. On Kucsuclain's Sentry-heavy Instagram post, he uses the hashtag . This seemingly hints that he, having played the role of Hank Rourke, will soon be portraying Robert Reynolds, a.k.a Sentry!

Another hashtag used in Kusuclain's post, , seemingly hints that we may be seeing something Sentry-related in the upcoming Doctor Strange film. With Kusuclain having used that hashtag in a post about Sentry in the same year that the Doctor Strange movie is coming out, it's not entirely implausible.

Of course, this could just be another throwaway tag like , and may be referencing the fact that in the comics, Doctor Strange was one of the people who assisted Sentry in erasing his presence from the world's memory.

As I said, none of this is confirmation that Sentry is coming to the MCU, or that Justin Kusuclain is playing him, but it's pretty darn convincing to me. After all, with Infinity War set to feature a humongous amount of characters, some of which will be new, I'm sure there's room for Sentry to appear. The Avengers could use some help fighting against the mad titan Thanos!

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