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Tom Hanks might have delivered a memorable performance in Captain Phillips, but it was Somalian first-time actor Barkhad Abdi who totally stole the show, and now the Oscar-nominated actor is being given another chance to shine in Blade Runner 2.

Abdi will appear alongside Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright in the sequel to the classic 1982 original, but there as been no announcement of what his role will be just yet.

For those of you who haven't seen Abdi in action, check out his most famous line below to see what he might have in store for us in his latest role:

This is stellar news for Abdi, who initially returned to work at his brother's store after his BAFTA-winning role as Somali pirate Muse due to a lack of job offers from the movie industry.

Abdi hasn't only proved his acting ability in Captain Phillips though, he also starred alongside the late Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren in 2015's Eye in the Sky, a role that also won the 31-year-old critical acclaim for his on-camera presence.

What sort of character do you think that Barkhad Abdi will play in Blade Runner 2?

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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