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Stephanie Donaldson

The real stars of Game of Thrones season 6 were definitely Brienne and Tormud's budding romance. It gripped our hearts, as we quickly jumped the Brienne/Jaime ship and built a new one. Our two favourite hell raisers together - what more could a Game of Thrones fan ask for? Without further ado, I present to you 8 fantastic images that would feature in the Briemund the Tarth Bane wedding album!

Tormund trying to impress by Grandkhan

And crossed the galaxy for his love

Who couldn't fall in love with those puppy dog eyes - please notice me senpai! By Maariamph

A stylish engagement photo

Carrying him into the house by yonson-cb

When roses were overrated by katiecandraw

Those looks just kept on coming by Bisexual Girl's Diary

And even Kristofer took some notes from them

Bless this ship! Hopefully these two will last the Game of Thrones series, and live long and happy lives! To see more awesome fan art of Game of Thrones characters as White Walkers click here!


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