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There are several incredibly strong heroes in the Marvel Universe. The Hulk is like a god amongst men, Thor is LITERALLY a god amongst men, and Iron Man has proven that men can be as strong as gods with enough work. Hell, even Spider-Man is much more powerful than people realise!

But there is one hero in the Marvel Universe who is stronger than the rest. This super-powered warrior has been known to lift mountains, tear apart Greek Gods, and get his powers constantly updated and exaggerated to the point of absolute lunacy. That hero is none other than Robert Reynolds, otherwise known as The Sentry!

The Sentry is Marvel's answer to Superman. Much like the Man of Steel, Sentry's powers are always getting updated, and his power level is always increasing. This has led to The Sentry accomplishing a number of incredible feats, such as battling the "Devourer of Worlds" to a draw!

Two weeks ago, I reported on the possibility of a Justin Kucsulain hinting at a future role as The Sentry in the MCU. The Walking Dead actor has been taking to Instagram several times to post rather intriguing pictures related to the Marvel comics hero.

Of course, he could just be teasing around, or displaying his love for his favorite comic book character. But Kucsulain's pictures, and his comments on those picture, have fully convinced the conspiracy theorist in me that he won't just be playing The Sentry, he'll be appearing in the MCU before Infinity War!

The Sentry Will Arrive In Time For Infinity War!

The two-part finale to the Avengers trilogy, Avengers: Infinity War, will see the team facing off against the "Mad Titan" himself, Thanos! It's been a battle in the making since the beginning of the MCU, and we'll finally see the first part unfold on May 4, 2018, with the second premiering a year later.

The movie will already be packed, with the Avengers team extending to welcome newcomers such as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and others. But I believe that among those powerful heroes will be the strongest of them all, Sentry!

Sentry HAS To Be On That List Of 68 Characters!

If you didn't already know, we're apparently going to be seeing a TON of characters make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. The directors of the film, Joe and Anthony Russo, revealed that they will have a total of 68 characters on their list!

We can assume that some of those character slots will be reserved for heroes we've already seen in the MCU, but that still leaves a whole lot of room for speculation on which Marvel characters could fill up the other slots.

As there are still so many empty slots, it's entirely plausible to think that The Sentry is going to fill one of them. He's Marvel's strongest hero, and with Earth's Mightiest about to face off against Thanos, a being as strong as a god, I'm sure they'll want Sentry with them when things go down! Besides, who do you think is more likely to appear, The Sentry, or someone like, I don't know, Flatman?

Infinity War Won't Be His Introduction However

Look, I'm not going to pretend that Sentry isn't one of the most outrageous, ridiculous, and downright overpowered characters in the history of comic books. He's basically the equivalent of your friend's completely unfair level-infinity warrior in Dungeons and Dragons (this is why we have rules!).

That being said, he isn't exactly a boring or one-dimensional character either. The Sentry actually has a really interesting story behind him. Forgotten by the world, including himself, Robery Reynolds remembers that he is the legendary hero known as "The Sentry".

Aware of his powers, he sets out to remind the Marvel universe who he is, before his rival The Void appears to destroy the world. Things get even crazier when it's revealed that The Void is just a dark manifestation of Sentry's own persona and powers! A character like this can't just pop up out of nowhere in Infinity War, along with 68 other distinct heroes, he needs to be properly introduced! Now, obviously we won't be getting a Sentry movie before Infinity War Part 1 (unless Marvel surprises us), but there is another way to introduce him.

Sentry Could Show Up In Doctor Strange!

Hear me out, I know it sounds completely ridiculous to have a character like Sentry show up in a dark-fantasy Marvel movie about the mystic and magical arts—but it's not as odd as you'd think.

Sentry and Doctor Strange are actually connected characters in the comics; it was Strange who helped Sentry to erase his memory from everyone in the world when he realised that The Void would destroy it otherwise. Not only that, but Doctor Strange, being the Sorcerer Supreme, is actually one of the few characters in the Marvel universe who can actually stand off against The Sentry.

Because of these facts, it's not entirely impossible for Sentry to make an appearance, even briefly, in the Doctor Strange movie. It'd be a great display of Strange's powers if the film showed him "awakening" The Sentry, and reminding the world of his presence! The two could even face off in a battle of magic vs. power, as they have briefly in the comics.

Justin Kucsulain even featured a #drstrange hashtag in his Sentry-specific Instagram posts. It could just be nothing, and Doctor Strange might not be involved at all- but with the characters having such a connection in the comics, and with the Doctor Strange movie coming out in November of this year, there's no way it's just a coincidence!

If you had told me there was a possibility that The Sentry could appear back when the MC first started, I probably would have called you crazy. But with Marvel's cinematic universe growing bigger and bigger with every film, it's not that hard to believe that there's room for Robert Reynolds in their live-action plans!

Thanks For Reading! How Do You Think The Sentry Will Enter The MCU?

Sentry joining the MCU may not be confirmed (yet), but you can see what it may be like thanks to this trailer made by a Sentry super-fan!