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Caroline Forbes (Candice King) is one of the characters who has shown the most radical growth in the CW TV series The Vampire Diaries. In a show that has lasted seven seasons thus far, it's expected for all characters to blossom in many aspects — but Caroline went from superficial bitch to empathetic and confident bad a$s.

Caroline started as an insecure petty cheerleader, that so-called best friend no one really liked. Now, she's pulling an Elena Gilbert, with everyone seeming to fall at her feet. Aside from her newfound desirability, here is everything you need to know about our dear Caroline Forbes.

1. Caroline Forbes Has Always Been Ambitious And Competitive

Caroline attended Mystic Falls High School with her best friends Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham). Being one of the most popular girls in school, she was naturally Miss Mystic Falls and captain of the cheerleading squad.

That's not all folks, she also happened to be an honor student, head of the dance committees, the Mystic Falls beautification committee, third grade hop-scotch champion, as well as the "Go Green" recycling program and campaign. Even after being technically dead, she enrolled in Whitmore College alongside her two BFFs.

2. Caroline Became Damon's Play Thing (And Meal)

Even though Caroline was always viewed as one of Elena's best friends, the beginning of the show did not paint her in the most flattering light. It's true what they say about jealousy being unbecoming. Her jealousy for Elena's success with boys got in the way of their friendship and Caroline distracted herself with one of the new hotties in town: Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).

Elena's warnings about Damon only fueled Caroline's competitiveness as it seemed as though the tables had finally turned in her favor. In actuality, Ms. Gilbert was spot on because Damon was just using Caroline for fun and a good meal. Ouch. No harm done since he compelled her to forget, right?

3. Caroline Became A Vampire

In the Season 1 finale, Caroline gets into a car accident, which puts her in a precarious condition. To help her heal faster, she is given Damon's blood with Elena's consent. In an effort to get back on Klaus Mikaelson's (Joseph Morgan) good side, Elena's doppelgänger Katherine Pierce decides to hand over Caroline for a sacrificial ritual.

In her plan to do so, she ambushes Caroline in the hospital and smothers blondie to death with a pillow, knowingly turning her into a vampire. This also happens to uncover all the suppressed memories of Car's abusive and manipulative relationship with Damon. Uh-oh.

4. Her Relationships Founded On Insecurity Was Practically A Phase

Thankfully, Caroline and Damon's relationship — or whatever you want to call it — didn't last long. However, Caroline's insecurities didn't falter, which led her to fall for Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). Matt was one of her childhood friends who just so happened to be Elena's most recent ex-boyfriend.

In a moment of inebriation, Caroline sought comfort in Matt while she complained about being as shallow as a "kiddie pool." He took her home and they cuddled, bonding over their feelings of loneliness, knowing full well that this relationship was doomed from the get-go.

This couple actually turned their on-screen romance off screen in 2011, ending a year before Candice Accola's engagement to Joe King, guitarist for The Fray. On The Vampire Diaries, however, this relationship was a bit rocky, but cute nonetheless.

Despite his biggest efforts, Matt couldn't deal with Caroline's vampire lifestyle and felt the need to break up — for good this time. Luckily for Caroline, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) consoled her with big open werewolf arms...

5. Caroline And Tyler Shared A Supernatural Bond And Fell In Love

In this massive supernatural orgy that is basically The Vampire Diaries, Caroline fell out of Matt's arms and into his best friend's, Tyler Lockwood. Tyler was struggling with his newfound werewolf abilities while Caroline was struggling with her vampire ones. Although they were never particularly fond of one another as humans and now his natural instinct is to kill her, they sought comfort in each other's company.

A few caught lies, brutal fights, and attempted murders later and Tyler and Caroline were finally able to evolve romantically. They never had much time to rejoice in their relationship as Tyler has a tendency to leave town for one reason or another: "This isn't goodbye. This is...until we find a way. We're immortal, remember? We will find a way." Well, Tyler was wrong and eventually damaged the couple permanently.

6. Tyler's Drama With Caroline Helped Klaus Develop Feelings For Her

On one of the many occasions in which Tyler leaves town (this time to break his sire bond from Klaus), his return to Mystic Falls is greeted with the news that Klaus has fallen for Caroline. Klaus supposedly dies — yeah, right — and takes over Tyler's body, not forgetting to take advantage of the situation to steal a kiss from his love.

Tyler eventually returns to his body, and Klaus to his. The Original Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid gives Caroline a graduation present to express his love for her: a beautiful homemade painting of her. Sexual frustration builds between the two over time, leading to a steamy sex scene in the woods that unleashes all that bottled chemistry.

7. Caroline Is The Daughter Of William Forbes II

Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman) was married to Elizabeth Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) with whom he had a daughter, Caroline. Realizing he was actually gay, Bill left Liz for a man named Steven. Forbes was in cahoots with the Founder's Council, inherently making him a vampire-hater.

This came to be quite a problem when he found out his own daughter had become one. He tried curing her vampire instincts through capture, torture and conditioning, but was unsuccessful. Damon compelled Bill to forget, ignorant that the latter was skilled in resisting compulsion.

During Alaric Saltzman's (Matthew Davis) struggle with his evil alter-ego, he slit Bill's throat while Damon's blood was still in his system. William essentially committed suicide by refusing to feed as to not become like Caroline. Talk about a complicated father/daughter relationship.

8. Her Mother Died Too

Sheriff Liz Forbes spent her life fighting evil as the county sheriff and member of the Founder's Council. Her career made it initially challenging to accept Caroline's new condition. However, it took her little time to embrace her daughter's new state and Liz became an accomplice and mentor for the lost supernatural teenagers.

The sheriff even developed a strong friendship with both of the Salvatore brothers, particularly Damon. While Caroline and her mother had a strained relationship in the earlier seasons, they grew closer as the vampire evolved into a strong and confident woman.

Despite Caroline's biggest efforts, her mom died of cancer, making her potentially the only character to ever die a natural death in The Vampire Diaries. Her dying wish to Stefan was to keep Caroline happy, but this wasn't an easy task as Caroline dealt with her grief by switching off her humanity.

9. Stefan Stepped Out Of The Friend Zone

When Caroline turned into a vampire, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) took on the role as her mentor to help her through the transition. The two grew extremely close throughout the seasons, with Stefan comparing her to his best friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel), who Damon killed. Eventually, chemistry started to build, which became more official as Caroline struggled with her mother's inevitable death.

Caroline and Stefan explored their romantic relationship by being bad after turning her humanity off. They eventually went back to their normal loving selves despite some extenuating circumstances. That is, until Stefan was forced to leave her after being marked by a hunter's curse. In order to protect Caroline, Stefan left her, even though it meant breaking her heart.

10. ... Only To Lose Her To Alaric And His Surrogate Twins

Alaric Saltzman was listening to his pregnant fiancé's vows when she was murdered by her brother mid-ceremony. Dr. Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), the bride, died along with her entire witch family at the wedding, but not before her kin cast a spell to save the babies.

Unknowingly, Caroline was used as a surrogate as Jo's fetuses were transferred into the vampire's womb. Caroline grew attached to the twin daughters she birthed and stepped into the role as their mother.

This all happened during her break-up with Stefan, which helped her cope with the heartbreak. In fact, Stefan seeing Caroline with her perfect family is what kept him from going back for her. It didn't take much longer before Caroline and Alaric became a thing, even though everyone involved knew her true love was Stefan.

11. Caroline Left Her Family While On The Run And Decided Not To Come Back

Although Caroline harbored much hatred towards Stefan for leaving her, she was put in an all-too-similar situation. This forced her to relate, making it slightly more difficult to hold on to her grudge. The problem was resolved, but the whole adventure made Caroline realize she never truly loved Ric, forcing her to abandon her newfound family.

Season 7 left Caroline and Stefan in a rocky place and there is definitely more work to be done in order to mend their broken relationship. However, the finale gave Steroline fans hope as there seems to be a future for them still. The only way to find out is to impatiently await the arrival of Season 8 — as anything could happen.

Do you want Steroline to get back together?

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