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Yup, that's right. You read that headline correctly.

There is a direct connection between Warner Bros.' eagerly awaited Justice League movie, and Sky High, 2005's premier 'moderately successful at the time but since largely forgotten about superhero teen movie'. What's more, there might - might - just be a chance that we'll see the two films crossover, albeit most likely in the most minutely Easter egg-like way possible.

The reason for such outlandish thinking? Well, Justice League's costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, just so happened to also create the costumes for Sky High, and during the course of a recent set visit, I just so happened to ask him about the possibility of a connection between the two movies (yes, you're correct, I am indeed a massive and incurable nerd). As it turns out, though...

There Might Just Be More Of A Link Between Justice League and Sky High Than You'd Think

Or, rather, there's absolutely a stylistic link between the two - at least in the movies' costumes - and there might just be something more, if Wilkinson feels so inclined as to throw it into the mix.

First up, though? Let's talk style and substance. Towards the end of our visit to the Justice League costume department, I was able to grab a few seconds alone with Wilkinson - and, what with my being a tremendous dork, wound up asking him about Sky High, and in particular the difference between working on such a light-hearted comic-booky movie and the much more serious Justice League. His (seemingly somewhat surprised) response?

"It's really fun. I love the whole world of superheroes, so to go from that movie to something like this is really fun. I loved Sky High - Lynda Carter was the headmistress of the school, and there were all sorts of witty things. I try and put a little bit of wit into all of my designs, even if its a more serious film like this. It keeps me entertained."

Which, seeing as Wilkinson's designs certainly come with a distinct sense of fun and a metric ton of comic-book-infused flair, makes a whole lot of sense - even if none of them are quite as 'out there' as Sky High's bright-hued outfits.

As it turns out, though, neither my limits of geekiness, nor Justice League's maximum potential for Sky High connectivity had yet been reached. Y'see:

There's A (Slim) Possibility We Could See Some Sort Of Nod To Sky High In Justice League

And... well, I'll let you read how it went for yourself:

Me: Any chance of a nod to Sky High in Justice League?

MW: "Ooh, with the children of the superheroes? Where they go to school? I'll have to have a think about that."

Me: Why not throw a costume in the background somewhere?

MW: "Interesting. Royal Pain in the background, lurking."

Me: A Crossover event, perhaps?

MW: "Imagine that. That'd be cool, actually. Like teen superheroes going to school."

Me: Teen Titans?

MW: "I'll pitch it to Zack."

All of which, it seems, tells us two key things:

1. If we do now see a nod to Sky High in Justice League, and that's actually a thing you would want, then... you're welcome? Similarly, if we actually do see a Teen Titans movie happen one of these days, I can only assume it'll have more to do with my asking Michael Wilkinson a goofy question a couple of weeks back than, y'know, the team's decades upon decades of popularity and commercial success.

And, of course...

2. I probably shouldn't be allowed into the same room as people who've worked on entertainingly silly superhero movies from the past thirty years. This, after all, is what comes from it.

Though I would still like to see that Royal Pain cameo...

What do you reckon, though?


Would you watch a Sky High/Justice League crossover movie?


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