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(Warning: The following contains potential details about the number of characters we'll see in DC's forthcoming Justice League movie. If you consider such information to be of a SPOILER-like nature, then proceed with caution and all that...)

Now, when word got out at the start of the year that Avengers: Infinity War would feature a whopping great 67 (later raised to 68) characters, the interweb as a whole spent a few days massively freaking out. Heck, some of us even tried to guess who all 68 of 'em will be.

As it turns out, though, 2017 may well be set to put even as lofty a number of characters as 68 in the shade, since from the sounds of a recent visit to the Justice League set:

Justice League May Have Three Times As Many Characters As Avengers: Infinity War

Y'see, during the course of that aforementioned set visit, Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson just so happened to reveal that the movie would, alongside requiring costumes for 3000 extras, feature 200 speaking parts.

Which, in case you're keeping score, is just a little shy of three times the number of named characters we've been told to expect in Avengers: Infinity War.

Now, of course, there's every chance that some of those speaking parts are actually simply just 'Policeman No. 4' shouting orders at a crowd, or 'Goon No. 7' screaming as she falls off a cliff, but there's also a distinct possibility that Justice League is now set to feature a lot of characters. Which would, if true, open up a whole lot of cameo possibilities...

Or, alternatively, it's possible that the idea of there being 200 speaking parts is simply an exaggeration, and that we shouldn't get too excited about the prospect of seeing every DC character every created on screen just yet.

I'll leave that particular choice up to you, though...

So, what do YOU think?


Will Justice League really have 200 speaking parts?


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