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(Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for a couple of recently published Marvel comic-books and a few from way back in the day. Proceed with whatever level of caution your Capwolf-like senses suggest to you is wise...)

Now, fans around the world may well have spent much of the past month worrying about Captain America's apparent switch of allegiance to the dastardly Hydra - and, more recently, the possibility that the whole thing wasn't quite what we thought - but that doesn't actually make such a transformation all that unusual. Y'see, over the years, Cap has had some pretty dark moments, some of which have involved some seriously strange (and often fundamentally body-altering) changes. And so, it seemed well past time to take a look at:

Captain America's 5 Strangest Comic-Book Transformations

Including surprise aging, surprise wolves, and a surprising amount of drug use.

First up?

5. Cap Turns Into a Wolf, Just Because

Now, there's a fairly elaborate back story to the whole Capwolf saga, but suffice to say that Cap winds up being captured by his old foe Nightshade (who once tried to turn him into a woman, back when that was seen as being a horrifying fate for some reason), and turned into a werewolf.

Or, rather, a Capwolf. The story-line quickly became legendary, not least because it featured Cap fighting Wolverine because... well, mostly because it was the 90's and everyone always wound up fighting Wolverine:

It was, however, almost immeasurably silly - but gloriously so. So much so, in fact, that we'll see more from Capwolf a little further down the page. First, though...

4. Cap Becomes A Meth Addict (And A Chicken, Somehow)

Now, there are quite a lot of stereotypes attached to what happens to people on meth, but as far as I'm aware, none of them involve clucking like a chicken while having trying to find people with ridiculous sounding names.

That, though, is exactly what happened to Cap when was caught in a meth lab explosion (yup, you read that right) and found himself high as a kite and twice as punchy.

In case you're wondering - yes, the 90's was a weird time for comic-books. Though, then again, so was the 70's, seeing as that was when...

3. Cap Becomes An Actual Nomad

Or, rather, he became Nomad: The Man With No Nation, after growing disillusioned with the US in the wake of Marvel's take on Watergate (which ended with a traitorous President killing himself in the Oval Office in front of Cap's very eyes).

Cap's response, though, was a little...odd.

Y'see, it turned out that he'd always wanted a silly chest-baring costume with a cape (a perfect example of why superheroes shouldn't pick their own costumes), which worked out about as well as you'd imagine it would.

Thankfully, Cap soon returned to his original identity...

...but not before making that costume the bane of completist cosplayers everywhere. Next up?

2. Cap Becomes An Old Man, But Keeps Fighting Evil

Now, Captain America has always been an extremely old man in official Marvel continuity - it's simply that his body hasn't quite caught up with him, what with all of those years spent frozen (and that handy-dandy super soldier serum) and all. A few years ago, though, Cap was drained of that aforementioned serum by a villain named the Iron Nail, and quickly reverted to his actual 90-year old self.

Which...didn't stop him from fighting evil in the slightest:

Or, indeed, last for more than a few years, seeing as he's now a young man again (and, for surprisingly de-aging-related reasons, part of Hydra). It did, however, lead to Falcon becoming the new Captain America, something made even more awesome by the fact that, a few months back...

1. Cap Become An Even Better Capwolf

See, if you thought that ridiculous 90's Capwolf was great, just wait till you see what 2015's magnificently meta twist on the idea brought us. Everybody, meet Sam Wilson: Capwolf. He's the best.

Not least because it allowed the Captain America: Sam Wilson comic-book to engage in even more delightfully snarky (just below the surface) socially aware political discourse than usual:

Keep on flying there, Capwolf. Keep on flying...

Now, if we could just get Anthony Mackie on board for an MCU adaptation...

What do you reckon, though?


Which Cap transformation do you reckon is the strangest?


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