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With The Conjuring 2 tearing up the box office and winning over the vast majority of both critics and fans, it isn't all that surprising to see director James Wan already talking about a third film for the franchise. But this time it appears like he is set to move on from the fame of the 70's, when many of the best known cases of the Warren's occurred.

Speaking to IGN, Wan said of a possible third instalment:

“They (The Warrens) do have a lot of stories so I think, organically, if we’re lucky enough to tell future chapters, there’s a lot of stuff we could be pulling from."

"I do have something specific [for The Conjuring 3] but I’m not going to say it. But I will say this – I do think Conjuring 1 and 2 are both set in the ’70s, I think Conjuring 3 has got to be set in the ’80s.”

Sounds like we'll be seeing a new decade for the third film, and as such, a whole new set of potential cases from the files of Ed and Lorraine. Here are just a few of their famous, and terrifying, cases from the 80's that we could see on the big screen!

1. The Connecticut Haunting!

This Warren case was already brought to the screen in 2009 in the film A Haunting in Connecticut. However, Lorraine Warren openly stated that it was only loosely based on the actual case, and she didn't approve. The story behind this case is that a family called the Snedekers moved into a large, spacious house close to the hospital where their son was being treated for cancer, which allowed him to stay with them. However, the house had formerly been a funeral home, where the workers were rumoured to have performed sexual acts upon the corpses. You can imagine there being more than a few troubled spirits in that place! By the time the family called Ed and Lorraine, they had already experienced enough to terrify them. But when Ed and Lorraine, as well as a local priest and two priests who were used to dealing with demonic forces, were all unable to finish the ghosts off, a professional exorcist was sent in. During the exorcism, half of a large tree on the property fell on top of the house, so this is a pretty dramatic case. In addition to that, Ed Warren had recently had a heart attack before this case, which could be an interesting factor for them. With A Haunting in Connecticut not being well received, an accurate version of this case being brought to the screen could be a great third instalment!

2. The Smurl Family!

While some families seem ready to call in Ed and Lorraine too quickly, some don't do it soon enough. The Smurl family were constantly attacked by demonic spirits for fifteen years before bringing Ed and Lorraine to their aid. The attacks included their daughter being pushed down a flight of stairs, the family dog being physically attacked and the father, Jack, being sexually assaulted multiple times by an unseen force. Ed and Lorraine came to the family in 1986, and with much constant prayer were finally able to rid the house of what they described as four separate demonic entities. This, probably with a bit of embellishment towards the end, would probably make for a brilliant third Conjuring film.

3. Frenchy's Demons!

Massachusetts, 1985. A policeman, after getting a domestic disturbance call, found local farmer Maurice “Frenchy” Theriault passed out, covered in blood. This was shortly after Frenchy left all of his weapons with the police, worried some dark force was trying to control him. After the police found him, he called in Ed and Lorraine. They discovered that Frenchy had increased strength, and his farmhouse exhibited poltergeist activity, with blood appearing at random in various places. A bishop was brought in to perform an exorcism on Frenchy, which was successful. However, the events haunted him for years after, and he was arrested for sexually abusing his step daughter. The 80's were a really chilling time!

4. The Real Werewolf!

Or we could continue with the english theme from the second film. In 1987, a man named William Ramsay (the man on the right in this picture with Ed and Lorraine Warren) attacked several police officers in London, growling and biting at them and showing superhuman strength and animal-like behaviour. He was admitted to a mental institution and found to be free of any illness, but upon release he was quickly offered help from the Warren's. Six bodyguards were with him when he flew to Connecticut for an exorcism to be performed, and he howled and apparently his hands and feet became that of a wolf during the ritual, but made a full recovery afterwards. This would be a big departure from the normal demons infesting people, but that could keep the franchise fresh in the third film!

5. The Devil Made Me Do It!

The Glatzel family called in Ed and Lorraine in 1981, after their son David went through periods of violent anger and erratic behaviour. The Warren's determined that there were 43 demons residing within the boy, and they performed three small exorcisms on the boy to rid him of the demonic forces. However, during the final exorcism, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, boyfriend of the Glatzel's daughter Debbie, taunted the spirits, telling them to possess him instead. From that moment on, he was drastically changed, and both the Glatzel's and the Warren's claimed that something was wrong with him and warned local authorities. It wasn't long after this that Cheyenne Johnson murdered his landlord, Alan Bono. In the court case, the Warren's helped defend Johnson, who claimed that demonic forces were controlling him at the time of the murder. It became the first case ever in the US to contain this defence, and is known as a "The devil made me do it" case. If this and the events that followed don't make a great third film, nothing will!

So that's five cases from the files of the Warren's that could make another terrifying on-screen adventure, but have you seen the second film yet? If not, check out the trailer below or check out articles on creators about just how good The Conjuring 2 is or about the real case behind the second instalment in the franchise!



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