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If you're a Star Wars fan, you might have been a bit disappointed by Mark Hamill, a.k.a Luke Skywalker's small role in the latest installment to grace our screens. Luckily for us, Luke's role will be expanded (which means he'll at least say one word) in the upcoming sequel Star Wars: Episode VIII. Unfortunately, the star behind the legendary Jedi gave us all a huge scare over the weekend that we might not be seeing his character after the next film.

Is He 'Out Of Work' After Filming Episode VIII?

At an event in London to support a charity for the homeless, The Big Issue, Mark told the audience, "I'm out of work" following the end of filming the next Star Wars movie. This short statement took the internet by storm and led to numerous people jumping to the conclusion that our beloved Jedi would kick the bucket in the next film, so to speak. Fear not! Mark took to Twitter to clarify what he meant by the cryptic sentence.

So this should put many minds to ease, but is this actually confirmation he doesn't die?

Will Luke Skywalker Die In Star Wars: Episode VIII?

Unless the new trilogy is committed to killing off an original cast member every episode (in which case Carrie Fisher should be on the lookout), then I doubt they'll kill Luke. Even if he does die in the next installment, Jedi are known for their ability to transcend death and appear as spectral beings to help guide the future generation of Jedi Knights. So while Luke has a high chance of not making it through the ordeals of the untitled sequel (let's face it, he's getting old, he hasn't seen anybody in ages, and it would be a good motivator for Rey to try harder to defeat the Dark Side), Luke Skywalker's death wouldn't necessarily mean the end to Mark Hamill's turn in the Star Wars franchise.


Do you think Luke will die in Ep. VIII?

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