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I know, where's the Valyrian Doom, man? Recently, I'd been wondering if my time spent theorizing about Game of Thrones is a waste of time? I could be studying actual history. But then I'd be a bore at most parties, and we wouldn't want that — or, that's what I tell myself!

Is Stark the new Targaryen? Sorry, twas sorta a mandated joke by the Seven (Google). Enough dumb-assery. I can't stop thinking about next year's season! What do we want to see? Jon and Dany married? Ayra kills Westeros? Honestly, I just want to see who is the last person to ride a dragon!

Winterfell Will Fall!

Aegon riding Baelarion
Aegon riding Baelarion

There are too many similarities to Aegon the Conqueror to simply write a short, concise article about the current condition of Westeros. The ground devoured Ancient Valryia (or a volcanic eruption did it), once the most prosperous city anywhere, and no, Winterfell is nothing compared to Valyria — only their demise.

The White Walkers will make it past the Wall. Or will they? Besides, really wanting to see another Dragon Rider — I can't help but to think of Bran the Builder and the Wall. I think it's safe to say that stopping The White Walkers is the equivalent of taking over the majority of Westeros, right? For my theory to work they need to get past the Wall, and that doesn't bode well for Bran.

At the same time, one must wonder the strategical advantage of battling those creatures from The Children of the Forest — wouldn't it be best suited at the Wall? It's curious. Can Jon convinced the Lords of Westeros in time to battle them? Or, more importantly, Dany? I'd bend a knee to Tyrion, for he knows to trust Jon Snow.

Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys

The Targaryens had to change in order to survive and leave Valyria. One could agrue that Jon, Sansa, and Arya must adapt to survive. They also share connections with nature in the form of warging. The show has not gone to great detail, but all the Starks are endowed with this power. So, when Winterfell falls, the Starks will adapt and be stronger than ever! With Dany's might, they'll win The War of the Dead.

The Westerosi Candidate

Is there any proof that Lyanna Stark only had one child at the Tower of Joy? Most theories about Game of Thrones are simply fun!


What if Jon was delayed and Rheagar sent Dany ahead to King's Landing, where she could be protected? I have no proof exactly, besides poetry — and Varys! It doesn't really matter, but it'd help with my theory. And yes, I know, Rheagar's eyes met Dany's when he was talking about the prince that was promised.

Nowadays, lineage and White Walkers are the only things that truly matter. Dany will be the younger, more beautiful woman in Cerseis's prophecy. King's Landing and Winterfell will fall, therefore they must build something new! You do remember Dany's vision at the House of the Undying. Winter is here.

But, I still wonder what role the Faceless Men of Bravos will play? They'd spent too long for them purely to be means to an end for Arya, right (there's more to come from Arya Stark)?

For, Jon and Dany are forging something much stronger than fire and blood — well, ice and fire! Two extremes, two opposites, something quite poetic in terms of ruling. Two of the most noblest houses of all the land combing their bloodlines to create a new world — democracy.

This was instilled in Jon at the Night's Watch, and it'll carry over to the Realm. And this is how Dany will leave the world better than her father's. Simply put: With the rule of a King, but with the voice of the people — fire and ice. The people will vote for Stark/Targaryen as whatever, and something else is born! Will Dany make it? With Jon coming back from nothingness, one must wonder about her ever seeing Rheago and Drogo again? Vote for Tyrion!

A dragon has no gender, the ruler shall not either. You can thank Ygitte and his bastard status for Jon's appreciation of woman. Yes, I am an American — I can appreciate how we all come from f*****g each others' brains out! That's what I see, when I think about Westeros! Where the Andals sailed away from Valyrian's rule. Where Dany will be a mother once more, when she births a new nation.

Groups of different people, in a constant battle — f*****g and fighting. It's beautiful! With their voices being heard (we're talking about fantasy land, remember), and their votes matter. We're all Hands of the King — wait, was that too cheesy?


Sadly, the dragons will die. They're too powerful and too fragile, for this cruel, cruel, cruel world. Hey, whatever happened to Lightbringer? How about when Arya rides back to Winterfell, she comes upon something shining, in burning rubble of stone and shrub? She pulls the great sword out and then ensue to ride Viserion? Prophecies are rarely ever to meant to be taken literally. Hey, it could happen!

What about, The Night's King? He just slayed a dragon at Winterfell, finds Lightbringer on fire, and proceed to ride an ice dragon? Nah.

So, I might be full of sh*t! Or not. What do you think?

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