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The world in 2001 was a much different place. High school students walked around without cell phones, the United States wasn't at war, and gross-out comedy was a surging genre in Hollywood. One instrumental franchise in the gross-out realm got its start back in 2000 and came back strong for a sequel in 2001. That franchise is the Wayans brothers creation, Scary Movie. Although the Scary Movie franchise proved not to be as longstanding as the creators hoped it would be, the first few movies were quite funny. Even watching them in present day, the comedy stays strong and the jokes are just as quotable as ever.

2016 has marked the anniversary of many nostalgic songs and movies and one such film celebrating its 15th birthday is Scary Movie 2. With this article, we'll celebrate in style and focus on five of the funniest gags of the film. They were not only appropriate spoofs of early 2000s pop culture, but they were also original pieces of true comedy.

5. Ray's Questionable Sexuality

Starting back in Scary Movie, Ray Wilkins' sexuality was always a bit questionable. Despite him having a seemingly sexual (and normal) relationship with his girlfriend Brenda, Ray always twisted the line, including enjoying locker room showers a bit too much, role playing with Brenda in his football uniform, and being revealed as the lover of the first movie's killer, Bobby.

In Scary Movie 2, the satire around Ray's sexuality was brought to a new level. Including jokes such as "Ray fucked me" started it, but it escalates when Ray is featured in a women's wig and red dress, or when he sexually assaults a possessed clown doll. Not to mention the fact that he's still doing push-ups while imagining he's with some guy named Brandon.

4. Right, Left, Right, Kick

Uh, son! In this brief moment at the beginning of Scary Movie 2, Cindy and Shorty bond about being in their first year of college. Shorty learned that college books make great wrappers while Cindy learned she's still kind of a nerd. Of course, with a friend like Shorty that's never a problem.

In a spoof of the 2001 film, Save the Last Dance, Shorty decides to teach Cindy how to be cool including teaching her how to jam out to the beat, sit properly, and giving her some hilariously bad dance moves. Unfortunately, Cindy does what she does best and unknowingly uses these moves to beat up and rob a fellow student of her jacket. Ya-mean?

3. Retro Nike

Anyone in the early Millennial age bracket no doubt remembers the Nike Freestyle commercials with the basketball beats and tricks. Well, nothing was safe from being spoofed in Scary Movie 2 and with the theme of a haunted house, the Wayans Brothers didn't walk away from the opportunity to make their own Nike commercial.

It's funny both from a nostalgia standpoint and actually from the aspects of the faux commercial. Whether it's David Cross doing breakdance moves in a wheelchair, Anna Faris showing off her cheerleading skills, or the Wayans brothers showing off their basketball skills, it's definitely one of the funniest skits from this installment.

2. The Exorcism

Scary Movie set the bar high in 2000 with the opening sequence that spoofed Scream, but Scary Movie 2 lived up to expectations when it spoofed The Exorcist. Starring Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne, the opener features a young girl possessed by a demon who continues to haunt the house many years later.

The franchise's brand of "gross-out" comedy was in full swing here as the events of The Exorcist were amped up in vulgarity. Not to mention spoofing the Catholic church as Father McFeely, played by James Woods, was quite crude and skilled in the arts of getting children to let him touch them. The bottom line is it's funny and gross, but we love every second of it.

1. Take My Hand!

There is no question that the funniest part of Scary Movie 2 is Hanson the Caretaker. Between the quotable dialogue and the antics surrounding that little hand, Chris Elliott definitely gave us a character to remember. It's difficult to pick an absolute funniest moment from Hanson, but I think most would agree that the dinner scene is definitely top three.

Hanson turned out to be an unconventional villain as his apparently aloofness was mostly just for show so he could fly under the radar. But at the end of the day, I would rather have him as a villain than anyone else. After all, what would we ever do without the ability to run up to your friend and yell, "Take my strong hand!"

Which Scary Movie was the best?


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