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The life of a pro-football player is a dream so many young men who played the game have fantasized about since the day they put on a helmet. They strap on the cleats, put on the pads, and envision glory on the field, the love of millions of fans cheering their name, the wealth of the huge contract and all the candy that comes with it. Well, HBO's comedy hit of 2015 Ballers gives us a sneak peek into the lives of these players who have risen to the level of the NFL and the debauchery that goes on behind the scenes.

Season one was an outstanding success, and for those that haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this show produced by star Dwayne Johnson, Fitness Competitor Dany Garcia, and A-lister Mark Walberg, you must check it out. It's the story of former Miami Dolphins Defensive legend Spencer Strasmore (The Rock), a player who left it all on the field, but then experienced a life changing play that sent him into retirement. He joined a financial advisory firm with buddy Joe Krutel (comedian Rob Corddry) that courts the wild and crazy NFL elite, and meets their needs every which way they can! Ballers mixes the drama with tons of laughs and bikinis, as well as having current NFL stars show up like Victor Cruz, Jason Pierre-Paul, Julien Edelman, and others.

If you haven't seen the first season, check out the teaser below and stop right there!

Now, if you've already checked out the first season of Ballers, then we can talk about how awesome the second season is going to be. Spencer and Joe will tackle the world of athlete management on their own, as well as try to deal with erratic wide receiver superstar Ricky Jerret (John David Washington), mistake-prone Dallas Cowboy star Vernon Littlefield (Donovan W. Carter), The "Old Man" Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff), and the resurrected career of friend Charles Greene (Omar Miller).

This season also introduces a new player on the field with Andy Garcia as the competition trying to keep Spence and Joe from getting more pro contracts.

Season two is definitely going to up the ante in South Beach, with crazy parties, and even crazier drama under the Miami sun! Ballers is a guaranteed touchdown!

SEASON Two Official Trailer

BALLERS returns to HBO with season two July 17th at 10pm!


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