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With Oliver Queen now the highest ranking official in Star City as of the Season 4 finale, things are about to change. With the ability to appoint officials, including police commissioners and his deputy mayor, Oliver can have a big impact on the city. During a recent conversation when he attended Wizard World in Philadelphia, Stephen Amell was asked about his upcoming tenure as Star City's Mayor. Here's what he had to say.

What I'm very excited for and what a bit part of the Arrow canon is is that Green Arrow from its inception point has always been a very political character, and I think that, as a show, at the risk of offending some people, we should really discover what Oliver's political ideology is. We should really make Green Arrow someone that is an advocate for the people. He was always a very liberal superhero, and it would be nice, regardless of his political ideology, to lean into it a little bit and not be afraid to offend some people and really see what he stands for. So I think as mayor, I've always loved the idea of Oliver Queen as a public persona within Star City...

It sounds like Oliver Queen is ready to do whatever it takes for his city even if it means offending the masses. That very well could be a good thing as complacency isn't what the show needs right now. I imagine there's going to be quite a shake up, and here are just a few things I'd like to see Oliver do, although they might be wishful thinking!

Appoint Quentin Lance As The Police Commissioner

When Season 4 ended, Captain Lance had been officially terminated from the police force so how incredible would it be for him to be able to basically leapfrog over everyone who didn't want him in the department? Oliver needs someone running the police department that he can trust, someone who can control what the police should worry about and what they shouldn't. Lance needs to contribute to the team, and we all know he's not going to put on a mask so this would be the perfect position for him.

Appoint Diggle As Deputy Mayor

After killing his brother and returning to the military at the end of Season 4, I have no doubt Diggle is going to come back a changed man. He's going to need to feel like he's doing more than just keeping the streets clean. He's been working side by side with Oliver for four years now, and there's no doubt he could be the man the mayor needs to help him make the right decisions for Star City. Not to mention, Oliver is going to need someone who can cover for him when he has to be away. Since I don't think Diggle is going to want to jump right back into Team Arrow, a turn as the Deputy Mayor might be just what he needs.

Take Over Palmer Tech

It's time for Palmer Tech to be returned to its rightful owner, which is a Queen. We know from the newspaper we saw in Season 1, Episode 20 of The Flash that Queen, Inc. merges with Wayne Tech in 2024. In order for that to happen, we need a Queen, Inc, and I don't believe Oliver is going to start another company.

When Oliver tried to take over Queen Consolidated in Season 3, he wasn't ready. However, with the full force of Star City behind him and a new position as the most important man in the city, I doubt many would oppose him this time. And since Palmer Tech is currently without a CEO, it's ripe for the picking.

Become A Hero In The Light Of Day

Oliver has long been a pariah because of his antics as a young, spoiled billionaire and his arrests. His new appointment as mayor (and his previous 48% of the vote) shows that people are willing to stand behind him. Hopefully, Oliver can use his position to instill confidence so that when the next criminal comes knocking, the city doesn't fall apart.

I don't believe for one second that all of Star City will ever know that Oliver is the Green Arrow, as that story line was already tested on Smallville with Justin Hartley's Oliver Queen. It's hard to be a vigilante when all eyes are on you. However, Oliver could really shine as the mayor and give people a different kind of hero. As I said, all of this might be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping the Honorable Oliver Queen changes more than just his address in Star City.

What would you like to see Oliver do as Mayor of Star City?


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