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What to make of a studio taking shots at another studio? Well, Marvel placed a target on DC's, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by using two other studio's characters. In the new issue, #6 of “Spider-Man/Deadpool,” the two characters head to see a film titled, “Nighthawk v Hyperion: Yawn of Bordem”. The tagline reading, “You won’t believe their mothers share a first name”.

Was it a ploy to secure themselves from backlash, by using Fox's Deadpool and Sony's Spider-Man to set a battle of Marvel v DC? Even though the studio owns both character adaptations in comics, they more than likely had the chances to use characters they've produced onto film. E.g. Captain America v Iron Man, or Hawkeye v Black Widow were available. The question is, has there been a war raging within the studios all along? We are well aware that there are sides to both comics, Marvel and DC. And with the fandom wars raging into the eternal abyss, we can certainly agree that things will not be dying down anytime soon there.

DC v Marvel

Is there a DC v Marvel? Trust that there are many DC fans that are taunting at how the MCU handles their villains. Opinions from the viewers should matter, even if they are more in favor of another studio. For example, the Mandarin's (Iron Man 3) twist wasn't as grand as the studio might've hoped for after the film's release. Or (looks above) how feeble the aliens were in 2012s Avengers. And with the aid of the internet, memes and GIFs have skyrocketed across the entire platform. Searching "DC memes" would provide a variety of images for the sole purpose of posting from a Disqus account or onto one's very own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page.

Marvel v DC

Then there was Marvel v DC. As someone who's able to equally enjoy both studio's properties, I've actually stumbled upon more wrath fueling from this fandom. The latest film from DC, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was more than bait for the prey. Now adding the critical scoring with it, MCU-fans were guided towards the issues in the film. Its pacing from the theatrical release was one of the main factors of its rating. Batman killing was another. It went on to being referred to as a "convoluted mess," in which some agreed on. The majority arrived from those outside of DC's fandom, and the minority from within. Many participators of various sites loved the film. One home with a high level of love for it is Now, I can't find an actual home for those who partake in hatred of it. If anyone does, that would be one of the most surprising things recently, right beside this comic bashing Detective Comic (DC).

Sony v DC? Or Fox v DC?

As you can tell by the heading, the question is definitely applied here. Is there a Sony v DC? We know the studio is now co-working with Marvel to bring us 2017s Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the collaboration isn't exactly evidence displaying their involvement. This is the comic book world, mocking a real world film. It's definitely clever, but it wasn't Sony's decision to have their comic book character ridicule another company's film. They're only responsible for what's used or told in film.

Fox on the other hand, have already laid out their jokes on DC from this year's hit, Deadpool. Yes, I'm referring to the hilarious joke Wade Wilson—played by Ryan Reynolds—mentioned about 2011s Greenlantern's "animated suit". It's quick-witted humor, and that is to be expected from a comical character such as Deadpool. Especially if the actor portraying him is addressed within the film, along with Deadpool knowing he's played by the actor that was addressed. If that makes sense. But this was months before this comic, and those from Warner Brothers/DC never brought up any complaint about it.

A few actors from DC and Marvel, spoke snide remarks against the others home studio. Last year, Anthony Mackie expressed his dislike with Man of Steel. Then there was Jason Momoa's comment to the entire Marvel franchise, placed on a fan's poster. They weren't exactly his words, since the fan asked for it, but he still wrote it. I guess you can say these were gateways for Marvel's recent comic. So for now, we just have to sit back and wait for what DC has to say. That is if they are even interested in such activities.

Do you think DC should respond to Marvel's comment?


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