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With the potential for Arrow to return to its roots in Season 5, we probably have some edge-of-the-seat heart-pounding fights to look forward to. I'm already excited about the one-shot Stephen Amell talked about in Episode 1, and I can only imagine and hope there will be plenty of Parkour scenes. Those are always phenomenal and unbelievable at the same time! Here's a look back to remind all of us of the magnificent fight scenes over the past four seasons! Though it was difficult, I managed to limit myself to two scenes per season with the exception of Season 4. Though Season 4 had quite a few incredible battles, there was only one I wanted to highlight.

Season 1

Oliver Takes Down His Kidnappers In the Pilot

This is the first time we got a glimpse at the darkness in Oliver. From the Parkour scene to the snapping of the guy's neck, we saw Queen at his finest. It was the scene that told me I was going to love this show.

Oliver Takes Out The Assassin In Home Invasion

From the leap up onto the wall to add power to his punch to the gritty determination on Oliver's face when he told the assassin he was about to find out what he'd gone through, this scene rocked on every level. In a little over a minute in a half, it enhanced our belief in Oliver's ability to right the wrongs in Starling City.

Season 2

Oliver Clashes With Nyssa Al Ghul

When this brief scene starts and Oliver offers Nyssa the choice to "live or die", viewers knew we were in for one hellacious battle. And we weren't disappointed. This is Oliver protecting someone he loves, and nothing stands in his way when he has so much to lose.

Oliver Takes Down Deathstroke

All season long Deathstroke has had the upper hand. He kidnapped Thea, killed Moira Queen, and turned Starling City into a live nightmare. To see Oliver give the monster his comeuppance was pure joy. Deathstroke's arrogance became his downfall, and Oliver showed, once again, how he could get mean without crossing the line.

Season 3

Oliver Battles The Bads In Corto Maltese

Oliver Macgyvered the bows and arrows he needed for this fight, using items in his hotel room. Then he showed a stunned Roy Harper he could hit a target with any weapon before finally taking out the remaining thug with a hard case. As if we didn't know it before, Oliver proves he is far more deadlier than any one weapon.

Oliver Vs. Diggle

Though Oliver was only pretending to have crossed the line in this scene, viewers didn't know that which made his viciousness even scarier. Taking on and taking down his best friend, Oliver gave us a glimpse of the darkness lurking inside of himself. He had to do what was necessary to take down the League of Assassins, but for a moment, we thought Oliver had succumbed to evil. And we collectively held our breaths until the next two episodes revealed the truth.

Season 4

Oliver Defeats Malcolm Merlyn

For three years, Malcolm Merlyn tormented Oliver and his family. To save his sister's life and remove her bloodlust, Oliver faces off against his greatest enemy yet again. Only, this time, he takes so much more than just revenge. In one swift blow, he cripples Merlyn and strips him of his power. Though Oliver was fighting for Thea, one has to wonder if he felt even the slightest bit of satisfaction at bringing Merlyn to his knees.


We've seen Oliver in battle so many times over the past four years, and some of those fights have been more brutal than the others. So for Stephen Amell to say Oliver is going to be meaner this season tells me we can look forward to equally raw fights or harsher trips into the darker recesses of Oliver's mind. Whatever lies ahead, I'm looking forward to it!

What was your favorite fight scene over the seasons?


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