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Whenever a popular TV series ends, there is almost always talk of a spin-off hoping to continue the story in some way. Here are the best spin-off ideas that never made it onto our screens.

1. The Patakis

A Spin Off-Of: Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold
Hey Arnold

This series was to be set a few years after Hey Arnold, with the main characters now in high school, and was to focus on the character of Helga Pataki and her dysfunctional family. Intended for older audiences than the original series, it would have tackled more adult themes such as Helga's mother's alcoholism.

Hey Arnold creator Craig Bartlett shopped The Patakis to MTV, but sadly, the series was not picked up.

2. The Carmichaels

A Spin-Off Of: Rugrats

The Rugrats
The Rugrats

The Carmichaels was one of three Rugrats spin-off ideas, the other two being All Grown Up and Pre School Daze. While All Grown Up can be considered a success with a run of five seasons, and Pre School Daze less so with just four episodes produced, The Carmichaels never made it to air.

The series was set to follow Susie Carmichael and her family as they moved to a new City. The Rugrats Kwanzaa special was intended as a series Pilot. The most likely reason for The Carmichaels never airing was producer's desire to keep Susie as a character in All Grown Up.

3. Rose Tyler: Earth Defense

A Spin-Off Of: Doctor Who

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

Following Billie Piper's departure from Doctor Who in 2006, there was brief talk of her character, Rose Tyler, starring in a series of TV specials. The specials would have followed Rose battling evil in the parallel universe she'd become trapped in.

The idea was soon scrapped, although Rose's battles in the parallel world were subtly alluded to when the character returned to Doctor Who in 2008.

4. Aquaman

A Spin-Off Of: Smallville


In 2005, Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar began developing a spin-off focusing on Aquaman. They envisioned the series as a new take on the Aquaman mythos, with plans for eventual crossovers with Smallville.

These plans stalled when The WB, the network airing Smallville, merged with UPN to form The CW. CW bosses chose to pass on the Aquaman pilot. A strange decision in hindsight, as The CW is now home to the DC Television universe, including shows such as Arrow and The Flash.

5. Gotham High

A Spin-Off Of: Batman

Gotham High
Gotham High

Inspired by Jeffrey Thomas's concept art of a teenage Joker and Harley Quinn, Gotham High was to feature a young Bruce Wayne attending High School with Teenage incarnations of his Rogues Gallery. Each character would have filled a different high school stereotype — Joker as a class clown, Riddler as a nerd, Bane the school bully, etc.

More concept art was produced, but the series sadly never materialized.

6. Multiple Unproduced Buffy Spin-Offs


From the moment cult-classic series Buffy The Vampire Slayer left the air in 2003, there was talk of a possible spin-off. First was a potential series starring Buffy's younger sister, Dawn, though this was soon dropped.

The next idea to surface would have followed the Dark Slayer, Faith, on a demon-fighting, cross-country motorcycle trip. While longed for by fans, the series had to be scrapped when Faith's portrayer, Eliza Dushku, opted not to return.

Later, TV movies for individual characters were discussed. One movie was to focus on the character of Spike, and another on Willow. The likelihood of these movies ever being made has dwindled over time, as actor James Marsters believes he looks too old to believably play ageless vampire Spike.

The most persistent spin-off rumors involve a show starring Buffy's mentor, Rupert Giles. Titled Ripper, the series would follow Giles as the consequences of his teenage hell-raiser years caught up with him.

Of the potential spin-offs, this is the one most likely to be made, as both creator Joss Whedon and actor Anthony Stewart Head have maintained their interest in the idea as late as June 2015.

Which of these spin-offs would you like to see?


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