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Mortal Kombat X delighted horror-loving gamers by adding Jason Voorhees, Predator, Leatherface, and Alien to its roster of bone-crunching, blood-spilling fighters. Surely four is just the beginning, though, right? Remember when Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe came out and suddenly we could let one beloved set of characters rip against another? A horror version of that format would be super cool.

If this is what Jason can do in the Mortal Kombat X world, imagine what would happen if you unleashed more horror movie psychos — think of the potential FATALITIES!

Here are a few suggestions for which horror characters could make awesome additions to Mortal Kombat X (or any other fighting game, for that matter).

1. Freddy Krueger

NOTE: Yes, Freddy was already in Mortal Kombat IX but that doesn't mean we don't need more MORTAL KRUEGER!!

Freddy is an obvious choice — and rightly so! His nightmare world offers a thousand creative possibilities for bizarre kills and stunning visuals, not to mention the perfect weapon in the form of a glove equipped with razor sharp knives. If Mortal Kombat X is ever intending to add more horror characters to its roster, Freddy is more when than if.

Fatality: Dream Warrior — Freddy tears open his shirt to reveal a host of mini-Freddy faces bubbling from his chest, which pop off him and swarm down the opponent's throat. The camera zooms in after them and we see the tiny Freddies pinball around, piercing vital organs and breaking bones until they eventually resurface, tearing the victim to pieces.

2. Pennywise

I imagine Pennywise's fighting style as a kind of Drunken Fist, lurching around giggling like Bo' Rai Cho and flapping his big clown feet. He could also assume different forms for special moves, such as the giant spider in the 1990 IT movie.

Fatality: We All Float — Pennywise tears his way into the opponent's belly, removes the stomach, blowing it up into a big red balloon (high five to MKIII's Kabal) that he offers to his opponent using the trailing intestine as the "string." When he lures them to the balloon (like poor little Georgie), he bares his teeth and tears their limbs off.

3. Samara Morgan

Less blood and more unease means Samara could lend something interesting to Mortal Kombat X. With her signature jerky movements and magical qualities, she'd be interesting to look at, a washed-out blue-grey contrasting with more colorful characters such as Quan Chi and Blaze. Samara would definitely have some weird stretching, contortionist moves to keep things interesting.

Suggested Fatality: Seven Days — This could be a cool kind of meta-fatality. Samara crawls toward the screen as we see it, as if she's about to crawl out of our TV sets. The screen flickers and whites out into static. FATALITY.

4. The Creeper

The Creeper would stand still and menacing, perhaps with dust puffing out of him, Scarecrow-like, every time he's punched. When he does a big jump, it'd be cool if his wings flopped out and flapped around like Tekken's Devil Jin. As far as horror icons go, the Creeper would be more on the comedy side of things in battle: I can imagine him whirring around like Yoshimitsu.

Suggested Fatality: Where'd Ya Get Those Peepers? — Creeper crams his hand down the opponent's throat to tear out their kidneys. He then claws their eyes out, eats them, and stuffs their kidneys into their eye sockets.

5. American Mary

Although a relative newcomer to the horror genre, Mary immediately cemented her fan following with her devil-may-care attitude and penchant for unnecessary surgery. Mary, clad in a tight-fitting surgical gown, would swoop around like Mileena, dealing out punishment with surgical instruments clasped in sinister, rubber-gloved hands.

Suggested Fatality: Face Lift — Whipping out her scalpel, Mary slices along the hairline of her opponent before tugging their face flap so hard the skin from their entire body rips off, spinning the skinned body into the air to land like a javelin, upside down in the dirt. Mary uses her flesh tablecloth as a cloak, whirling delightedly around the flayed corpse like a pole dancer.

Bonus: Billy The Saw Doll

Imagine how irritated your opponent would be if you smashed 'em with someone so tiny — especially one squeaking around on a tiny tricycle! Visually, Billy has come to represent the Saw series and is a more striking character than John Kramer himself, who basically just lurches around in a hood dying of cancer. Billy would have some seriously killer moves, making you button-mash like mad to unleash some of his special "trap" moves!

Suggested Fatality: Butterfly — Billy conjures up trap pieces by magically reassembling bits of his tricycle, forming hooks that dig into his opponent's ribs. These hooks fly outwards, tearing the opponent's ribcage apart in a direct nod to Saw III.

Jason has always been good at upcycling. These old guts make a handy rope!
Jason has always been good at upcycling. These old guts make a handy rope!

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list. There a zillions of horror characters that would be an awesome fit for Mortal Kombat X! That's what the comments section is for.

Which horror character would you MOST like to see as a playable character for Mortal Kombat X?

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