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Despite the polarized opinion generated from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder's epic DCEU showdown was a treasure trove of references for true DC fans. Fortunately, the recently released BvS ultimate edition includes even more Easter Eggs to uncover. Aren't we lucky.

The ultimate edition, running over three hours long, is a true indication of Snyder's vision of the film, which shines a light on some of the motivations of the likes of Superman and Lex Luthor. It also introduces some characters who were left on the cutting room floor.

But, above all else, it reinforced the meticulous level of commitment Snyder paid to referencing the wider DC Universe. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best Easter Eggs below.

A Nod To The Golden Age

Between the '30s and '50s, the likes of Batman and Superman were introduced and disseminated into popular culture. Referred to as the Golden Age of comic books, throwbacks to the era run deep.

In a scene inside a patrol car, two police offers take an emergency radio call that appears to be completely standard in nature. Yet the reference used is "Delta Charlie 27," or non phonetically, DC 27. This is a reference to Detective Comics — the series on which DC based their name — and issue #27, which was non other than the Caped Crusader's debut.

(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

Furthermore, while there was a juicy Easter Egg with Lex Luthor in the BvS theatrical cut (his prisoner number was TK-421, referencing a Star Wars stormtrooper) the ultimate edition gives us another. While Luthor is being admitted to prison, a guard refers to him as "prisoner A-C-23-19-40". The significance? Action Comics” #23, issued in 1940, was the debut of the Lex Luthor character.

Familiar Characters From The DC Comic Universe

With source material rich with an abundance of interesting characters, it's no surprise a number of them will be used, or at least referenced.

The BvS ultimate edition reveals some more information on some background characters. When CIA agent Jimmy Olsen is murdered, it is revealed that his codename was Talon, a reference to The New 52 character of the same name.

Talon (Credit: DC Comics)
Talon (Credit: DC Comics)

Also, in the theatrical version, a woman named Kahina Ziri is featured briefly on a news report, discussing Superman's exploits in Nairomi. The ultimate version delves into her story a little more, where her character reveals the intimidation and lies of Luthor. This makes sense, as in the comics, Kahina is a heroine and friend of Aquaman.

A lot of speculation surrounded Jena Malone's involvement in the movie, when she was pictured on set. Unfortunately, both of her scenes were cut from the theatrical release, but feature in ultimate edition, revealing her as Jenet Klyburn, one of the lead scientists at at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis.

Watch Out For Watchmen References

The theatrical version already included some cool callbacks to Snyder's earlier DC project, Watchmen. The ultimate addition also adds a few more; the most prominent being "The End Is Nigh" sign, which originally appears in Alan Moore's comic and the movie adaptation, carried by Rorschach. In BvS, the sign appears on billboard graffiti at Gotham Seaport.

The End Is Nigh (Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros)
The End Is Nigh (Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros)

Furthermore, during the football game, one of the players is holding a prominent sign of President Nixon. Out of context this makes no sense at all, however this is another reference to Snyder's film, in which Nixon featured. One number also stands out from those on the side: 52, a reference to The New 52.

Cameos From Those Behind The Scenes

The hard workers behind the screen have also got some recognition. The two police officers mentioned earlier are named Mazzucchelli and Rucka, in reference to comic book artists David Mazzucchelli (Batman: Year One artist) and Greg Rucka (Batman: No Man's Land writer).

Meanwhile, script doctor Chris Terrio appears to have been referenced in the scene where Louis Lane is abducted by Lex Luthor. The van she is kidnapped in has "Terrio Janitorial" written on the side.

The ultimate edition expands on the aftermath of Superman's death, which includes a scene at Kent Farm with friends and family in mourning. Producer Deborah Snyder can be seen leaving the room.

References To The Wider DCEU

Finally, as well as two familiar faces from Man of Steel (teenage bully-turned-friend Pete Ross and Father Leone, the vicar Superman confesses his identity to) we also see an exciting reference to Ace Chemicals.

Ace Chemicals in the Arkham videogame (Credit: Warner Bros)
Ace Chemicals in the Arkham videogame (Credit: Warner Bros)

The location has featured heavily before — in both the Arkham video games, as well as the birthplace of the Joker. This could, of course, have wider implications for the DCEU, and in particular Jared Leto's incarnation of the character in Suicide Squad.

Have you spotted any more Easter Eggs in the ultimate edition?

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