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*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season 6*

There are almost as many theories surrounding Jaqen H'ghar and the Faceless Men as there are faces in House of Black and White. In the absence of explanation, fans have tried to decipher one of the most perplexing Game of Thrones subplots. Is Jaqen actually Syrio Forel? Is he a figment of Arya Stark's imagination? Or is he just a really bad teacher?

Following the finale of Season 6, a new theory has emerged. One Reddit user believes that Jaqen himself is the illustrious and enigmatic Many-Faced God he refers to so often. Unlike some of the eccentric theories, this one does hold some weight, gives the storyline some credence and foreshadows big things for Arya.

Arya Stark Has Returned Home

The story arc has been crawling along slower than Brother Lancel in the bowels of Great Sept of Baelor, with its roots all the way back in Season 2, when Jaqen gave Arya a coin that could unlock the many secrets of the Faceless Men, should she ever travel to Braavos. It wasn't until the eighth episode of Season 6 that Arya finally decided to return home.

For a show that puts its viewers through hell, raising our hopes and then crushing them (with a Mountain vs. Oberyn style splat), the finale of Season 6 was surprisingly satisfying. As well as tying up loose ends, a number of characters met their well-deserved demise.

Jaqen H'ghar and Arya in Season 2 (Credit: HBO)
Jaqen H'ghar and Arya in Season 2 (Credit: HBO)

When Arya Stark revealed herself to be the servant in disguise before committing the grotesque and fully justified murder of Walder Frey, a few things clicked into place. We last got a glimpse of Arya leaving Braavos, claiming she was heading home after finally defeating the Waif (whom, the theory suggests, could've been created by Jaqen as a test for Arya).

Has Jaqen Had A Plan All Along?

Jaqen's response to Arya proudly retaining her identity was at odds with the training he had put her through up until this point, yet he seemed pleased with her statement that she was Arya Stark. Jaqen also had an obvious soft spot for the Stark child, having let her off with numerous mistakes.

Alluded to through Jaqen's lingering close ups and a stoic yet knowing expression, the context was always that Arya's training was leading up to something big. And perhaps she was. While getting stabbed in the belly and smacked repeatedly in the face suggested Arya wasn't learning, her return to Westeros proved she is now a highly skilled assassin.

Jaqen and Arya in Season 6 (Credit: HBO)
Jaqen and Arya in Season 6 (Credit: HBO)

The theory points out that this season has put a lot of weight behind the idea of destiny, typified by the epic Hodor reveal. This could suggest that, if Jaqen was the Many-Faced God, he already knew of Arya's role in future events, and the importance of her own personal journey, and has been grooming her for some future action. That's not to mention Jaqen's ability to deprive Arya of sight — and equally to restore it, within his apparent free will.

What Next For Jaqen And Arya Stark?

So if Jaqen is the Many-Faced God (also referred to as the God of Death), what does the future hold? Well, things have finally been going right for the Stark's, and Arya's own story arc has been fizzing with potential for a long time. Perhaps with her newfound skills she'll be called upon to murder someone of the highest importance.

Ultimately, a girl must have an important role to play in the final two seasons. Perhaps she'll even be the person to put an end to the baddest bad of them all: Queen Cersei I Lannister. We can dream.

Do you think Jaqen H'ghar could be The Many-Faced God? And what will Arya do next?

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