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Karly Rayner

Moisés Arias has been out the public eye for a while (apart from that unfortunate Willow Smith controversy) and the Hannah Montana actor has managed the baffling feat of looking both totally different and exactly the same. Oh, and he's totally ripped.

Check out the side-by-side photo illustrating his dramatic transformation since his days on screen with Miley Cyrus below:

From emerald angel to pitch black, drop-crotch, purse carrying prince, I for one certainly wouldn't recognize Moisés if I walked past him on the street. I mean, so much here has changed...

There's That Ridiculous Ripped Bod

Not to mention that The Game level crotch cleavage that's going on here...

Those Unkempt, Untameable Locks

Just like his former costar Miley, it Arias really can't be tamed.

His Oh So In Septum Piercing

Clearly Moisés knows what's going down in they style stakes and he isn't afraid to suffer for his art.

His Totally Hip Squad

That Badass Skateboard

Hot wheels, man!

But Bizarrely, If You Cover Him In Mud, He Looks Exactly The Same!

How does that even work?

Do you think Moisés Arias looks better with his hip new look?


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