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When the finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 finally came to a close, viewers were both shocked that one of their beloved characters had been brutally murdered, and angry that they would have to wait months to find out exactly who the character was.

In the weeks and months since, the final sequence of the finale has been poured over by fans as they inspect each tiny detail in the hopes that Negan's victim's identity will be revealed. There are numerous theories on who will met the business end of Lucille, with almost every character being considered an option.

But what if it isn't just one character who gets killed? What if it were two.

Rick is shocked
Rick is shocked

That's right, it may sound a little mad, but aren't all good theories? So, who could the victims be? Well there's seem to be evidence to support the idea that both Glenn and Abraham will die in the premiere episode of Season 7.

Glenn died at the hands of Negan in comic Issue 100
Glenn died at the hands of Negan in comic Issue 100

As you all probably know, in the comic series Glenn is killed by Negan in the same scene covered in the Season 6 finale, so naturally he's been a hot pick to die in the TV series since day one.

In addition to the theories there's the fact that the actor who plays Glenn, Steven Yeun hasn't been spotted on set in Georgia since May 13. In fact, Yeun has actually been in Korea where he is filming for Bong Joon-ho's upcoming film, Okja.

But Yeun isn't the only cast who seems to be missing from the set in Georgia, with Michael Cudlitz, who plays Sergeant Abraham Ford, also being AWOL. lUnlike Yeun, Cudlitz hasn't actually been spotted on set at all.

Along with Glenn, Abe has also been a top contender to be Negan's victim, with his whole character arc over Season 6 seeming to be working toward his death. Not to mention that after Denise took his comic death scene in Episode 14, it seems as though Abe is on borrowed time.

Alright, so we have two actors who are strong contenders to be Negan's victims that haven't been spotted on set, but why exactly does that mean that these two could both die? Let me explain:

It makes sense that Negan's intended victim would be Glenn. It's a bold move for the writers to follow the comics, but he is also one of a small group whose death would genuinely have a big impact, proving just how big of a threat Negan really is. It's my thought that if Negan beats Glenn to a bloody pulp in front of his pregnant and desperately ill wife, Abraham is not going to be able to hold himself back from trying to even the score. After all, it's in Abraham's very nature to do anything to protect the ones he loves, remember how he killed four men to protect his family after a once-trusted comrade raped his wife?

Abraham also has a bit of a special bond with Glenn and Maggie, believing their unborn child symbolizes a new era in this new world, giving him hope that he and Sasha could one day have the same happiness. And if his one flame of hope was extinguished in the form of Glenn's head being beaten in? What is there to stop him from seeing red (pun intended) and trying to exact revenge?

However, given that Rick and his group are at a disadvantage being surrounded by Negan's men who will do anything to protect their leader, Abraham's attempt to kill Negan seems likely to end in death for him, and heartbreak for Maggie, Sasha and the whole group. What better motivator for revenge could there possibly be?

So there you have it, both Glenn and Abe dying in the premiere of Season 7. It'd be a bold move, a hell of an emotional ride and a total bombshell to open a season with. What do you think, does it sound possible?


Do you think there's a possibility TWO characters might die?


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