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The extended Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman has finally been released, bringing with it tons of Easter Eggs, hints for Suicide Squad, and a new look at the fully assembled Justice League. And one of those Easter Eggs might be more than just a nod to the comic books when it comes to the cinematic future of one of DC's most beloved characters.

Many fans were disappointed to learn that Jimmy Olsen did in fact appear in Dawn of Justice, only to be killed off within the first 10 minutes of the film. In case you missed it, Jimmy was Lois Lane's CIA contact in the desert, the photographer who was shot before everything kicked off.

The Ultimate Edition does extend his screen time somewhat, hinting at his role in the wider DCEU.

Connection To The Court Of Owls

In the extended version of this scene, it's revealed that the CIA have been monitoring the entire sequence of events. Over the comms, we hear the fallen Jimmy Olsen referred to by his code name — Talon.

At first glance this is just a cool moniker for a cool secret agent. But, as with pretty much everything in DC, this name matches up with a character from the comics. And that character is far from heroic.

Talon in the New 52 Batman series.
Talon in the New 52 Batman series.

In the comics, Talon is a brutal assassin for the Court of Owls, raised from birth to be a killer. He's a bit nuts, obsessed with birds and absolutely vicious. The Court of Owls is one of Batman's most dangerous nemeses — this secret society has existed since Gotham was founded. Infiltrating even the highest levels of government, the Court of Owls manipulate everything from behind the scenes. In some storylines, they've even been connected to the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, as the Court of Owls sends out assassins like Talon to do their dirty work.

Naturally, fans have been waiting ages to see the Court of Owls on the big screen, and Batman v Superman may have hinted at their arrival into the DCEU.

The Court of Owls are some of the best villains.
The Court of Owls are some of the best villains.

So let's go ahead and follow this thread of speculation to its conclusion — the Court of Owls could have infiltrated the CIA, placing Talon a.k.a. Jimmy Olsen among their ranks. What business they had in Nairomi is difficult to guess at, but the return of Jimmy in a later DCEU film could bring this all together.

Jimmy Olsen: Vicious Assassin?

There are so many possibilities here. The Jimmy Olsen known as Talon by the CIA could very well have been a Court of Owls plant, heralding their arrival into the DCEU. So what if Jimmy Olsen wasn't even his real name?

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition includes a scene in which Lois meets Jimmy. Although she doesn't know him, she recognizes his name, trusting him to be the famous photojournalist Jimmy Olsen.

"Jimmy Olsen" meets Lois Lane in 'Dawn of Justice'.
"Jimmy Olsen" meets Lois Lane in 'Dawn of Justice'.

It's entirely possible that the CIA (and/or the Court of Owls) used the name Jimmy Olsen as an alias for the agent Talon to use, ensuring Lois trusted him. If this is true, the real Jimmy Olsen could still be out there, taking snaps and being an all-around good guy.

As for Talon himself, we're hoping he's not done for just yet. Death is rarely permanent in the DC multiverse, and Talon's battles with Batman in the New 52 are simply too good to be ignored by the DCEU. So could all of this be a setup for the Court of Owls to appear in Ben Affleck's Batman solo movie, with Talon returning from the dead to fight the Dark Knight? It's far too early to tell, but we certainly hope so.

Do you think Talon was an agent for the Court of Owls in Batman v Superman?


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