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Matt Kranis

After a career-defining performance as ruthless drug kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad, it's easy to forget that Bryan Cranston rose to prominence as a comedic performer.

He was hilarious as demented dentist Dr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, and even better as foolish father Hal through seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle. So we're pretty excited to see Cranston return to comedy in the feature film Why Him? — especially because he has the perfect adversary in the form of James Franco.

The movie finds Cranston as Ned Fleming, an overprotective father meeting his daughter's boyfriend over the festive season. The only problem is that boyfriend Laird (Franco) is a Silicon Valley lunatic — a tech titan with billions of dollars and absolutely no filter. Even worse, Laird wants to marry Ned's daughter. Naturally, Ned isn't down with the idea, which means Laird must win over his future father-in-law's affections before his planned Christmas Day proposal.

The plot may sound familiar, but the trailer clearly shows the chemistry between Franco and Cranston. We wouldn't expect to see these two paired up, but given their individual comedic skills, the results are bound to be funny. They'll have some help from comedy vet Megan Mullally as Ned's wife, as well as appearances from other quipsters including Keegan-Michael Key and Adam Devine. And while the film's not yet rated, it's clearly shooting for a raunchy R-rated style, meaning the comedic possibilities are nearly endless.

Why Him? hits theaters on December 25. Do you plan on seeing Bryan Cranston's return to comedy? Let us know in the comments.


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