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This week is packed full of celebrity birthdays! One of those celebrities is actor Kevin Bacon, perhaps best known for his starring role in the classic film Footloose. Not only is it a classic, but the final dance scene might be one of the most iconic in all of movie history. It's impossible to not feel good when watching it.

Over the years a popular game based on the famed actor called "Six Degrees of Bacon" has gained momentum among movie fans. Based on the "six degrees of separation" theory (which states that everyone in the world can be linked in six or fewer relationships), the trivia game challenges players' knowledge to connect any actor or actress in Hollywood to Kevin Bacon is as few relationships as possible. For instance, I have a Kevin Bacon Degree of 3 (I interviewed Jason David Frank who was in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie with Richard Steven Horvitz who was in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Kevin Bacon). Since Kevin Bacon is celebrating his 58th birthday on July 8th (that's today), we'll be playing "Six Degrees of Bacon" with the other celebrities that have had birthdays this week. Let's dive in!

Kevin Hart

Born on July 6, 1979 the actor will be 39 this year. Best known for his hilarious movies and stand up routines, Kevin Hart hasn't always been the successful funny guy we know and love. Back in the early days of his career, Kevin Hart went by 'Lil Kevin' in his hometown of Philadelphia, but unfortunately his first several gigs went horribly. He was booed offstage and even had a piece of chicken thrown at him. Thankfully for his fans, this didn't cause the now famous actor to give up his dreams of making people laugh.


How many degrees apart are Kevin Bacon and Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart was in Novocaine with Keith David who was in Death at a Funeral with Kevin Bacon.

Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone's birthday is also on July 6th. He's celebrating the big 70 this year! Easily best known for his epic film franchise Rocky, Stallone has made a name for himself as one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Rocky was the first movie Stallone wrote himself and his first big starring role. It went on to win Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing at the Academy Awards. It was nominated for another seven awards including Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Clearly, Stallone's success has been well earned! But how far apart does that illustrious career place him from Kevin Bacon?


How about Sly?

Kevin Bacon was in Murder in the First with Christian Slater who was in Bullet to the Head with Sylvester Stallone.

Eva Green

July 6th is a popular time for celebrity birthdays! Our third and final July 6th birthday celebrates French actress Eva Green. Eva was born in 1980, meaning she's 36 years old this year! Eva first gained international recognition for her role as Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven. She went on to star in the James Bond film Casino Royale and won the 2006 BAFTA for being a Rising Star. Her biggest claim to fame, however, is for her stunning portrayal of the character Vanessa Ives on this hit Showtime original Penny Dreadful.


And how many do you think for Eva?

Eva Green was in Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp who was in Black Mass with Kevin Bacon.

Milo Ventimiglia

Sharing his birthday with this games namesake, Milo Ventimiglia was born on July 8, 1977, making him 39 this year. Milo is best known for his role as Peter Petrelli on the highly acclaimed TV series Heroes. Many fans also know him from his time on Gilmore Girls as Rory's love interest of three years, Jesse.


How far away do you think Milo is?

Milo was in Grown Ups 2 with Suzanne Prunty who was in R.I.P.D with Kevin.

Tom Hanks

By far the most highly acclaimed and recognizable actor on this list, Tom Hanks has gone from dressing in drag for television to starring in some of the greatest movies of the 20th century (namely Forrest Gump and Toy Story, among others). He's also quietly one of the most charitable actors in Hollywood, being involved with a whopping 28 different charities. What a human being. He's celebrating the big 6-0 on July 9th this year and we wish him all the best!


Tom Hanks has a degree of...

Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon starred alongside each other in Apollo 13.

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star is celebrating her 44th birthday on July 10th. Known for her illustrious television career, which made her the highest paid actress on televsion in 2012 and 2013, Sofia Vergara starred her career on Univsion hosting two shows on the Spanish-language network. Since then, Sofia has found success as an actress, model, comedian, producer, and business woman. She has been nominated for four Golden Globes, four Primetime Emmys, seven SAGs, and was named as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in 2014.


What degree of Bacon is Sofia?

Kevin Bacon was in He Said, She Said with Sharon Stone who was in Fading Gigolo with Sofia Vergara.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Set to star as Baron Mordo alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, Chiwetel first came to prominence for his role as Lola in Kinky Boots. Since then, Chiwetel has seen international success for his Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated (and BAFTA winning) role in 12 Years a Slave. He won the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award in 2006, has been nominated for the Golden Globe five times, has won a Primetime Emmy, and was even granted an honorary knighthood for the Queen's Birthday Honors last year! On July 10th of this year, Chiwetel will be celebrating his 39th birthday. Fun fact: This means both Ejiofor and Kevin Bacon will have played villains in a movie based on the Marvel universe — Bacon played Sebastian Shaw in the Fox Marvel movie X-Men: First Class!


Marvel Villains Unite (by how many degrees?)

Chiwetel was in Talk to Me with Martin Sheen who worked with Kevin Bacon on JFK.

Happy Birthday week to all of these amazingly talented celebrities! I hope they all have a wonderful day and a great year ahead of them. Hopefully, y'all had fun playing "6 Degrees of Bacon" with me! How did you do?


I got...

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