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It was just another day on the streets of Los Angeles, until a ringing cellphone is tossed at unsuspecting bystanders by a fleeing man. When an oddly familiar voice drifts up at them, telling them that they have a choice to make of vital importance, they are forced to make a split second decision based on trust alone.

It was all done In support of, a charity that Damon works closely with, and the help of Pranked citizens were led on a mission through the streets of LA, being given a first hand feeling of what it might be like to be Jason Bourne. Lucky for the few that followed instructions perfectly, the mission of fancy footwork and mysterious phrases ended with them in a room alone with Matt Damon, and tickets to go to the premiere of the upcoming Jason Bourne film.

For those interested in helping out and wanting a chance to spend the premiere with Matt Damon himself, donations can be made through the following link.


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