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While Disney begins the revamping of their animated classic films into live-action updates, I've found myself wondering what non-Disney animated films we could find getting a live-action edition soon. One such film is 1997's Anastasia, which focussed on the last heir to the throne of Russia discovering her lost memories and finding her way to her grandmother with the help of two con-men, all the while escaping the undead Rasputin.

The film has recently gotten a Broadway adaption, and it could easily be transferred to the big screen, if given the right cast! So I searched Hollywood and here is what I found!

Karen Gillan As Anastasia!

First off we need our innocent but feisty orphaned princess, Anastasia. Leaving her orphanage behind at the beginning of the film, she enters a world she doesn't know, but she doesn't shy away from it. I feel as if I'm already describing Amy Pond from Doctor Who, a role Karen Gillan made into a fan-favourite. Karen has an aura of innocence about her, but can put up a fight at the same time, which is just what Anastasia needs. She has to be able to carry herself like royalty and kick Rasputin in the face five minutes later. Gillan also has the weight in Hollywood these days to lead a film of this calibre.

Hank Azaria As Bartok!

There are roles you can't recast, or just don't need to! Hank Azaria is a master of voice work, and he brought his talents to Bartok in such an original way that you can't let anyone else do it! A live-action Bartok wouldn't require anything more than CGI and a voice actor, and Hank Azaria remains the right man for the job twenty years on.

Jamie Dornan As Dimitri!

Who doesn't want to see Jamie Dornan as the confident con-man who becomes bumbling and unsure of himself around Anastasia. Dornan is great with accents, and would have no trouble passing himself off as Russian, and he could easily give the performance of the unfortunate Dimitri, who saved Anastasia and her Grandmother from death as a child, and yet was left to fight for himself his entire life. Plus, I honestly love the idea of Karen Gillan and Jamie as a couple, that would be amazing!

Joel McCrary As Vladimir!

It's rather random, but if you watch Joel McCrary as the Genovian Prime Minister in The Princess Diaries, you'll understand how he perfectly embodies the large and lovable companion and fellow con-man of Dimitri. Vladimir is a half-brother, half-father figure to both Anastasia and Dimitri throughout their journey, and is the heart of the whole film. McCrary embodies this perfectly, and would fit alongside Jamie Dornan as a brilliant bromance!

Julie Andrews As Dowager!

I mean there's no need to explain this one, right? Going back to The Princess Diaries, there have been so many comparisons between Anastasia and those films that there are YouTube mash-ups like the one below! Julie already knows how to play the stern noblewoman, and won't have any trouble being a slightly colder version of Queen Clarise from that film. The Dowager is in the film a surprisingly small amount, so it won't take much for Andrews, who hasn't done a great deal of acting in the last five years.

Gary Oldman As Rasputin!

The man of many faces, Gary Oldman is legendary for being unrecognisable in so many films, and it's easy to imagine him doing it again for the role of the undead Rasputin, who is a disturbing and creepy villain that Oldman has shown he can pull off with his roles in films like Air Force One and The Fifth Element. In both of those he was a charismatic, quirky villain, and he'd have no problem bringing to life the evil, cunning Rasputin.

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Thanks for reading guys! If you have any other ideas about who could play these roles in a live-action adaption, give me a shout below in the comments! And if you have your own fan-cast for a film, why not write about it here on!


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