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Let me start by saying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the standard when it comes to movie universes. The success they have had over their 14 movies has been amazing.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel doing it big
Marvel doing it big

With that said logically a match up with DC and Marvel cinematically would not be a fair one considering DC Extended Universe only has two movies under their belt that have been released to theaters.

DC Extended Universe

Gods Among Us
Gods Among Us

As you can see there are more DC movies to come that we will surely be geeking out about over the next few years. However, because the DC Extended Universe only has 2 movies out the only fair comparison that could be made is between the universes first 2 movies.

MCU's first 2 movies

In this corner we have representing the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Ironman and The Incredible Hulk.

DCEU's first 2 movies

And in this corner representing the DC Extended Universe we have Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Because of the poor critical reception of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel most will automatically assume that the more accepted movies of Ironman and Hulk wins this fight with a definitive knock out. Not so fast my friend. Let us look at some financial facts.

The original Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in 2008 combined financially for 849 million in Box Office. 950 million when you adjust for inflation on both movies.

Batman is like he wants to be me so bad.
Batman is like he wants to be me so bad.

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman combined financially for 1.54 billion in Box Office. Approximately 1.70 billion for DC's first 2 movies when you adjust for inflation for Man of Steel.

So after 2 movies the DC Extended Universe has been more successful than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was done despite the negative critical response of their movies.

Haters still gonna hate

To be fair Batman v Superman should have made over a billion and likely if the Extended Cut had been released it would have.

Batman v Superman Extended Edition

However, with Warner Bros finding their Feige.....

One could only assume that the DCEU will help gain the trust of critics. Let's not forget that under Feige's watch The Incredible Hulk was an incredible flop. Only grossing 263 million on a 150 million budget.

The Incredible Flop

Wonder no more why we have seen another solo Hulk movie. But that is OK Marvel had to make adjustments and stay the course. Which is exactly what the DC Extended Universe is currently doing.

And next in the ring for the DC Extended Universe is their 3rd movie Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad

The Bad Guys!!!
The Bad Guys!!!

And they will be battling Ironman 2......

which was the 3rd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who will win this epic battle?!

Bats and Supes hashed out their differences Lex! I'm talking about the box office numbers for Ironman 2 and Suicide Squad.

Worse of the Worse

What do you guys think?

I think the Suicide Squad is going to win this fight.....

Why so serious Tony?

What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts below.


Are you excited about Suicide Squad?

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