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Pixar's Finding Dory has crossed the $300 million milestone at the US box office after just 12 days, breaking the record for the fastest animation to hit the mark, previously set by Shrek 2 way back in 2004, by six whole days.

It also took another title from the Dreamworks series, smashing the record for the biggest opening weekend for an animation, which was held by Shrek the Third, with a $135m debut.

It's been 13 years since Finding Nemo hit cinemas but the wait has certainly paid off. The seventeenth movie from the Disney owned studio has so far taken in more than $423 million worldwide with several major foreign markets still left to open.

The sequel is tracking ahead of Pixar's current highest-grossing film Toy Story 3 which earned $1.063 billion worldwide in 2012 so don't be surprised if Dory finds her way into the billion dollar box office club.

Last year was the first time that Pixar released more than one movie in a single year with the release of Inside out and The Good Dinosaur. The latter performed below expectations with $331.93 million worldwide making it the company's lowest grossing feature. Inside Out on the other hand ended up being the 7th highest-grossing movie of the year at the global box office and the second highest animated movie behind Minions.

Expect more records to be broken in the following weeks as Finding Dory continues dominate the box office.

Source: Box Office Mojo


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