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On Monday FX revealed the first look at American Horror Story 6 by posting a logo to social media accounts. The photo shows question that forms the number six which is set on a black background, I know they're not really giving us much to go on. So trying to guess what season six will hold is nearly impossible, but that never stopped us crazies from trying to figure out the theme, now has it?

American Horror Story has always given us little to no information on what the story and theme would be, but that's just one of the great things about it. Looking back on the previous seasons and their amazingly done aesthetics, season six is going to be one hell of a ride and I'm more than ready to hit the road. Where the road will take us 'theme wise' I have a few predictions - they're not even that, they're more in the category of a guess. Let's hope you guys don't think I'm going too far with this and leave me half way through. Anyway below are a couple of themes I believe AHS could be about!

1. Futuristic

Now with the sci-fi genre you have the possibilities of Aliens and Robots which have their fair share of scary-ness to them. An alien sucking out your brain? Scary. A robot murdering you because it can never know love? Weird and scary. Now just picture all that mixed in with whatever Ryan Murphy could come up with, it would make for one fantastic season if you ask me!

2. Religion

We've all seen our fair share of religious done films/TV shows so I don't really need to go into depth about this theme. I think it would be cool to do it based on a catholic school or maybe play off of The Da Vinci Code. Again I know they played with this theme a little in the first season, but there's million routes you can take with this, and I think any of them would end up doing truly well.

3. Space

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the space genre, so I haven't seen many films that play in that genre, but I do believe a horror themed one would be cool and I would be willing to check that out. Any time you add suspense and terror to a genre/theme it just brings that extra level of aesthetics and creativity. I can totally a picture a spaced themed American Horror Story!

4. Orphanage

I don't believe there's anything creepier than a really good broken down or old orphanage; so many things could go wrong in such a place and would make for a damn good story. Can't you just picture Lady Gaga running a place called something like 'The Boys and Girls Imaginary Home'? I know I can!

5. Family Entertainment Center

Freak Show was kind of close to a theme park theme so I won't even go too far into a theme like that since it has almost already been done. However, what if they did a Family Entertainment Center theme? You know something like 'Five Nights at Freddy's' only as a TV show and scarier. You guys get what I'm going for though right?

6. Historical

I'm not sure how scary a Historical theme would be but if anyone could pull it off, it's monstrously talented Ryan Murphy. The man is a walking genius who can pretty much turn any idea into a masterpiece, so I would LOVE to see his take on a historical horror themed TV show.

Thanks for taking 3 minutes out of your day to read my little noodle of an article, let me know some themes you would like to see in the next season of American Horror Story by just clicking that comment section and typing out something groovy. Cheers!


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