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Yesterday, singer Nick Jonas and songstress Demi Lovato were followed on set by BuzzFeed, where they were filmed doing a special kind of social media activity. An event where the singers ask their Twitter followers to vote what they should do throughout the day.

Before they were to kick off The Honda Civic Tour: Future Now, their fans made sure to use the power they were imbued. Only the brave would allow millions of followers to pick what they should eat, do and who to... prank? Okay, the latter is the least of their worries. Check out how things went for them.

1. Twitter's Decision On Food

The select food items were presented as their choices. First food on the list, a pungent can of sardines; second item, a nauseating plateful of brown crickets; and third item(s), baby food. Thank those who voted baby food over the two prior, even if it's a jar of Thanksgiving for Jonas and peas for Lovato. They both should be in "great thanks" for having to eat the least disturbing foods on the list.

2. Twitter's Decision On Make-Up

Poor Demi Lovato for wearing cosmetics and relinquishing control over how she wants to look. The decisions on Twitter were, Lovato applying the make-up, Lovato and Jonas applying her make-up, or Jonas handling things himself. The votes rested on Jonas soloing the application to her face. And I could have sworn a clown face would be the final image, but he proved to be steadied at hand and let's admit, a good friend. Because we all have that one friend who would take things to the next level. Good thing he or she weren't there to participate.

3. Twitter's Decision On Pranks

Okay, so you're the boss and you have an assistant to aid in your complicated life. Do you find time to prank them when able? I think so, and that's what Lovato does after the decision fell on her to find someone to prank. Now, poor Kelsea—Lovato's assistant—must add to her memories of venturing with the singer, the day she was pranked via BuzzFeed video by her. Nothing like a good airhorn to the face, after walking into a room. Why not some silly strings afterwards? Got to admit, this definitely sounds more like an amazing friendship, than an employer with her employee.

4. Twitter's Decision On Best Person

There's nothing like racing to see who's the fastest runner and ultimately, the better person. Here, Twitter voted against a ping pong battle, in favor of an electric scooter race. It came down to it and Lovato beat Jonas by a hairspring. I guess we have our better person, a.k.a Keith, the host (just kidding).

5. Twitter's Final Decision

The finale went on to the decision being either, a bucket of ice water, a pie to the face or lastly, an atomic wedgie. By the majority of Lovato's followers, they've given Keith the best of the three. A bucket of water and ice, dumped onto him just like the "Ice Bucket Challenges". At the end, we can see him take it like a champ.

If you want more hilarity filled videos, follow BuzzFeed on their YouTube page. You'll find a slate of comedic videos, along with others of a serious nature. All of which can surely be enjoyed. You can also follow Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas over on their Twitter accounts. Just make sure you give great thanks to both of them.

Would you let your Twitter followers take over your day?


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